Happy Birthday!
  •                                              Celebrate Birthdays and Books!

    Birthdays are special, and books are, too! The Manor Hill Library Media Center is bringing these two special things together with a Birthday Book Club! Here is how it works: A shelf of “Birthday Books” have been set aside in our library for your child to choose from in honor of his/her birthday. These books have been chosen because of their popularity among students, because they are examples of good children’s literature, and because they have special library binding which insures their durability. Your child may choose one of these special books and give it to the Manor Hill library in honor of his/her birthday, half-birthday, or any other special occasion! Your child’s name will be printed on a nameplate in the front of the book, and he/she will be the first one allowed to check it out. Summer birthdays will not be left out! The students’ picture will be displayed on our birthday bulletin board. The cost of each book is $15.00. If your child has a birthday or other special occasion you want to celebrate in an extraordinary way, this is the way to do it! You will be helping Manor Hill School build a better school library for all of our children.

    If you have additional questions, please contact Mrs. Howerton at claudia.howerton@lps53.org