Summer School Kid's Zone



    Dates: July 8 - 31 
    Kid's Zone is not taking any additional enrollments during summer school.
              Summer School Sites
    Liberty Middle School            8:15 - 3:45
    Liberty Oaks Elementary    7:45 - 3:15
    Manor Hill Elementary        8:15 - 3:45
    Shoal Creek Elementary     8:15 - 3:45
    Warren Hills Elementary    7:45 - 3:15
    Contact Free Dismissal Procedures for Kid's Zone:

    - No parents/authorized persons will be allowed in the building.

    - Parents/authorized persons will need to approach the south door of the building upon arrival where a Kid's Zone staff member will be waiting to check ID's through the door.

    - Parents/authorized persons will need to step back at least 6 feet from the building, abide by social distancing guidelines (6 feet apart) and stand in the designated waiting area for their child.

    - Children will be called by a staff member using a walkie-talkie.

    - One staff member will have access to your PIN number and will sign your child out.

    - Your child will be released at the door and will meet you in the designated waiting area.


    Click HERE for a link to the district Summer School Page