• Dear SVMS Family,

    My name is Darla Fuller.  As a parent, I am always interested in knowing who is teaching my child.  My undergraduate and graduate degrees are from NWMSU. I have taught everything from Kindermusik to college.  I am married to Shane Fuller, band director at Liberty North. He also works with small groups of 6th grade percussionists two days a week at SVMS and at Heritage 2 days a week.  We have two sons. After staying home while my sons were little, I enthusiastically returned to teaching several years ago.  

    I have learned that while I love teaching children of any age; middles school is my passion.  Students at this age are energetic, fun and longing to learn. My goal is to channel all that creative energy into teaching the students the foundational skills of speech and drama.  I truly believe these are skills the students can use to benefit them not only in their school years but also life. At one time or another everyone has to get up and share information.  My goal is to help the students do this in a confident, thoughtful and organized manner.

    I will be teaching two different theatre classes, two different speech classes, and learning strategies.  Bravo is for 6th graders theatre students. Curtain Call(Broadway or Bust) is a combined 7th and 8th grade theatre class.  The speech classes are also different for every grade level, therefore, your child can take speech for all three years.   I teach organizational learning strategies class.  These students will learn how to better manage time, organization, and build more study skills to take more ownership of their learning.  

     In the classroom, students are asked to record daily assignments.    I will have assignments for them on the whiteboard with performance dates.  If a student or parent ever has a question please do not hesitate to ask for a clarification.  My contact number is 816-736-7180 or email at darla.fuller@lps53.org.    I look forward to a wonderful semester.  If I may ever be of service to you this semester or in the future please do not hesitate to ask.  I hope to help the children become lifelong learners. Thus, I am available to students not just for this semester but any time they may need guidance.



    Mrs. Fuller