• EPiC Guidelines and Lottery Enrollment Information


    Hours of Operation: School hours for 23-24 School Year:  8:20 a.m. - 3:04 p.m. 


    Transportation: Because EPiC draws enrollments from all across the district, families are primarily responsible for their child’s transportation to and from school.  Transportation should not create a hardship for families or be an obstacle to enrolling at EPiC. If parents would like assistance with transportation, please contact the office at 816-736-5730.


    Calendar: EPiC will have a continuous school calendar with 17 additional required attendance days and other minor differences from the LPS district calendar.

    Parent/Family Engagement:  Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to support the school through active volunteering.  Participation can include volunteering in the classroom, attending school functions, helping with PTA events, etc. There are a variety of ways to support EPiC, either during school, after school, or from home. Please reach out to the PTA or your child's teacher to see how you can help.

    Specialized District Programs: A few district programs are only offered at limited sites and will not be available at EPiC. The programs include English Language Learners (ELL), Essential Skills Classroom (ESC), and Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC).

    Kids Zone: Before and after school care will be available for students through the Liberty Public School’s fee-based Kid’s Zone Program. Kid’s Zone is also available when school is not in session on specified dates.


    Lottery Enrollment Process

    • EPiC will enroll up to 300 (50 per grade level-K-5) students from across the LPS district. Initial lottery slots will be allocated on an equal percentage basis (approximately 5%) to the current 10 elementary sites. After initial enrollment, students will be placed into the school from the created waiting list. In order to maintain equal opportunity throughout the LPS system, students will be placed on a rotation basis from each of the current LPS elementary sites. Any seats not filled for a school site will be distributed to the remaining schools.
    • EPiC enrollment is based on a family household lottery system. When a child is selected through the lottery system, all immediate siblings in the family household will be eligible for placement based on availability in the designated grade level and if there are seats remaining available for their home school site. If there is not an opening, siblings will be placed on the waiting list in the order created through the lottery process.
    • An external third party will create a randomized list for lottery placement.
    • Student placement letters/emails will be delivered after the lottery process is complete, and parents will have 3 days to confirm their acceptance of the placement. The date by which confirmation must be received will be listed in the letter.
    • Students who are not selected through the lottery will be placed on a waiting list and offered enrollment as seats become available – the same school rotation process will be used. Students who are not selected through the lottery process must be enrolled and attend a Liberty school to remain on the waiting list. Students will only be allowed to transfer from EPiC Elementary and back to their home school at the end of each semester.
    • Seats that become available throughout the semester will be filled at the beginning of each semester using the waiting list.
    • Students will remain on the waiting list as long as they are enrolled in LPS until they are placed at EPiC, or until removed from the list in writing by parent/guardian, or are no longer eligible due to advancing to the sixth grade.
    • All LPS staff employed in an exempt, certificated position at EPiC and a resident of the district will be allowed to enroll their students in EPiC. If no seats are available, the student will be placed at the top of the waiting list.
    • All resident, non-exempt, LPS staff employed at EPiC must request enrollment through the lottery system.
    • If a student opts to move back to his/her home school, the student will not be eligible to complete an enrollment request form until the following school year.
    • The enrollment request process for new applicants will occur annually and conclude on the last day of February.  The information will be publicized through multiple district communication avenues. (Quick News, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the LPS website)