Northland CAPS

  • Interested in NCAPS for 2020-1021?

    Attend an open house on one of the following dates.

    NCAPS Open Houses

  • NCAPS Application

    NCAPS Applications will be available begining November 2019. An NCAPS shadow is mandatory for the LHS application process.

  • NCAPS Shadow Visit Required to Apply

    All students interested in attending NCAPS next school year must first go on a shadow visit. Come to the counseling office to pick up a shadow form today!

  • 2019-2020 NCAPS Calendar

    Click HERE.

  • About NCAPS

    Northland Caps Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (Northland CAPS) provides high school students in the Northland with a professional, innovative and entrepreneurial education through full immersion in high demand/high skill careers.

    Northland CAPS students solve real world problems, using business standard software, equipment and are mentored by real employers. Students gain experience working with real businesses, assisting and learning through meaningful projects. Early career professional skills like project management, creativity, business ethics, teamwork and time management are instructed, role modeled and measured.

    Learning at Northland CAPS is real-time, real-world and hands-on. Emphasis is placed on developing professional skills, such as communication and collaboration, which employers deem highly important to individual success.