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  • Early in the Spring semester is the time when the course enrollment process begins for the following year. Here is a one stop shop for all your course enrollment needs including dates, information, and resources.

Important Dates


    7th Grade Parents of Future 8th Graders: As your child is enrolling in classes for 8th grade, they will have the opportunity to choose courses that can earn High School credit in LPS, known as 7th/8th Grade Advanced Credit.

    We are offering four parent information sessions during Parent/Teacher Conferences with sessions according to the schedule below. The purpose is to hear more about these advanced high school credits and how earning these credits may impact your student. If you miss the meeting, you can scroll below for more information or review the presentation by clicking the link.

    We understand this is after the enrollment process, but if this meeting changes any course request preferences, we can make adjustments.

    Monday, March 9th in LMC



    Tuesday, March 10th in LMC




    SVMS Advanced Credit Presentation


Important Resources



    2020-2021 Enrollment Forms and Course Descriptions

    Click the LINK HERE to access the folder with all the Enrollment Forms and Course Description sheets. These forms can be printed or accessed at your convenience.



    During the 2016-17 school year, Liberty Public Schools (LPS) Middle Schools began awarding high school credit to 7th and 8th grade Middle School students for the following courses:

    Algebra I 8

    Gifted Algebra I

    Geometry 8

    French I (MS)

    German I (MS)

    Spanish I (MS)

    Information about how these classes are reported on the transcript:

    Middle School teachers will assess student performance in these classes and give students the appropriate letter grade that matches their performance (A, B, C, D, or F).  These grades will remain in the student’s permanent Middle School record.  District staff will then pull these grades from PowerSchool and complete the following process to award high school credit where appropriate:

    1. PowerSchool staff will pull all grades earned in these courses at the Middle School Level into an Excel file for processing.
    2. All grades of F will be removed from the file and will not be placed on a student’s high school transcript (the student will not earn credit and the student will not have an F show on their high school transcript).
    3. All grades of A, B, C, and D will be changed to “P” for Pass and will be excluded from GPA and Class Rank calculations.
    4. The school name for these grades will be changed to one of the following based on the Middle School feeder system;
      1. Liberty High School Advanced 7th/8th Grade Credit
      2. Liberty North High School Advanced 7th/8th Grade Credit
    5. PowerSchool staff will then import these grades into PowerSchool as 9th grade courses so that they will show on a student’s high school transcript.
    6. The grade of P for these classes provides the students with 0.5 credits per semester class passed. These P grades will not factor into the student’s GPA/Class Rank for LPS as Passing grades have no GPA value. 

    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Information: 

    In order to be eligible to compete in collegiate athletics supervised by the NCAA, students must meet Core Course, GPA, and ACT/SAT score requirements set by the NCAA for each Division.  Information about eligibility can be found here:  These Advanced Middle School courses may be used by student athletes in order to meet the NCAA requirements if needed.  Student athletes should be aware that the NCAA counts these “Passing” grades as having a GPA value of 1 on a 4-point scale.  However, the NCAA allows students to use their best Core Courses in their GPA calculation so the only reason a student athlete would need to use these courses is if they did not have enough Core Course credits without them.  If you have further questions regarding NCAA requirements, you can contact the NCAA Parent/Guardian/Student help line directly at: 877-262-1492. 

     If for any reason, a Parent/Guardian wishes to opt their Middle School student out of earning high school credit for these Middle School courses, they must complete the “Opt-Out” request form, LINKED HERE. Parents/Guardians must complete this process during the year the student earns the credit or upon initial entry into a Liberty Public Schools High School.