What is Liberty Hour?

  • Liberty Hour is a flex time intended for academic, extracurricular, and social involvement so that LHS students can maximize the high school experience. We believe learning how to prioritize time and balance multiple academic, extracurricular, and social demands is a skill set necessary for student success and is developed through practice and coaching. Liberty Hour provides an opportunity for students to develop and use these decision-making skills. 

    Liberty Hour Options:

    Students will select ONE of the following to attend each day.  Once Liberty Hour begins, students are expected to remain in that location for the entire Liberty Hour time.

    • Students may attend academic tutoring with available teachers.
    • Students may attend club meetings when held.
    • Students may work independently or meet with peers in a common space (Cafeteria/Commons or LMC).


  • Liberty Hour Tutoring Assignments  Club Meeting Schedule

    Weekly Planner  Priorities Planner