• Current 8th Graders:

    LHS Academic Planning and Activity Fair 

    December 11 at 6pm

    Liberty High School


    This annual event will include a session about the enrollment process and preparing for life at LHS. Representatives from their academic departments will be hosting booths to provide imformation to help make informed decisions before the students start the enrollment process in January. There will be clubs and organizations to share the great ways to contribute to the positive community at LHS. More information to follow.

    Mark your calendars!

    HS Academic Planning Night




    Enrollment Timeline:

    January 13: HS Counselors present in Social Studies Classes about 9th grade enrollment

    January 21: Enrollment sheets collected by LHS

    February 19: Students register for HS courses 


  • Information on Advanced Classes

    How do I know if taking an advanced class (ELA or Math) is right for me? Talk to your teacher, your parents, your school counselor.

    Ask yourself the following questions: 

    • Do you find that this course is easy for you? Does your grade reflect this perception?
    • Do you like this course? (If you don't, then advanced is not for you!)
    • Are you willing to put in more time outside of school than you currently do?
    • Do you feel like you can be given a difficult task and not give up on it?
    • Do you think your parent would want you to take this class? Why or why not?
    • Do you think you understand the class content more, the same, or less than your peers in the class?
    • Do you think you produce quality work faster, at the same pace, or slower than your peers in the class?

    Make the decision that is best for you! It does not matter what others choose because in the end, you are doing the work! Refer to the previous requirements to help guide you. 

    Previous requirements for Advanced Classes: 

    Previous Advanced Requirements