• Information on Advanced Classes

    How do I know if taking an advanced class (ELA or Math) is right for me? Talk to your teacher, your parents, your school counselor.

    Ask yourself the following questions: 

    • Do you find that this course is easy for you? Does your grade reflect this perception?
    • Do you like this course? (If you don't, then advanced is not for you!)
    • Are you willing to put in more time outside of school than you currently do?
    • Do you feel like you can be given a difficult task and not give up on it?
    • Do you think your parent would want you to take this class? Why or why not?
    • Do you think you understand the class content more, the same, or less than your peers in the class?
    • Do you think you produce quality work faster, at the same pace, or slower than your peers in the class?

    Make the decision that is best for you! It does not matter what others choose because in the end, you are doing the work! Refer to the previous requirements to help guide you. 

    Previous requirements for Advanced Classes: 

    Previous Advanced Requirements

  • 2019-2020 Enrollment Information


    For Incoming 6th Graders:

    Parent Information Nights at DMS on Monday, March 11 or Tuesday, March 12 (rescheduled from January date). Join us for an informal Q&A about the enrollment process into middle school and take a tour of the building. Students may attend, but it's not required. They will get a school tour and the same information shared during Elective League and at presentations at individual schools. 

    Elective League will take place on Tuesday, February 12 (rescheduled day) during the school day. Students will be bussed from their elementary schools to DMS for a presentation of the electives that will be offered as well as a short tour of the building. Counselors will come to their schools the week after this event to share the particulars about enrolling for next year. Stay tuned for updated enrollment dates.

    Enrollment Dates at elementary schools:


    All elementary students should have turned in their pink enrollment sheets for 2019-2020. If a student still has their sheet or has enrolled in 5th grade recently, please have your elementary counselor send your completed enrollment sheet to DMS. 


    For Current 6th & 7th Graders: 

     Completed enrollment forms should be turned into the DMS counseling office. Any questions or changes should be directed to your current counselor.


      For Current 8th Graders:

    Mr. Scott Gillespie will be your counselor when you attend LHS. He will be here throughout the year to share enrollment information with you. See the dates below:

    December 6 & 7: Presentation to your Social Studies class by Mr. Gillespie on how to enroll for High School

    December 11: Incoming 9th grade parent night at LHS (in conjunction with the Annual Academic & Activities Fair) from 6-8pm. The evening will feature a counselor presentation about the enrollment process and preparing for life at LHS and will be supplemented by an Academic & Activities Fair which will give students and families an opportunity to meet with representatives from various academic programs and extracurricular activities offered at LHS and get any additional information they need to make informed decisions about high school coursework. Students grades 6 & 7 are also welcome to attend. 

    December 20: Mr. Gillespie will collect ALL enrollment forms by this date for review

    January 17 & 18: Students will request courses for the 19-20 school year during your Social Studies class

    Please contact Mr. Scott Gillespie in the LHS Counseling office with any questions about the enrollment process.