High School Band

  • High school band courses allow students who have previous experience on a band instrument to continue their musical study in ability-based ensembles. An increased focus on performance is a highlight for many in the band program. Numerous curricular, enrichment, and honor-based opportunities are available, including district and state festivals, district and state honor bands, university honor bands, jazz band, marching band, pep band, chamber ensembles, and many more! A family atmosphere, collaborative teamwork, and a collective aim for excellence are pillars of the LPS bands.

  • Liberty High School
  • Liberty North High School
  • Liberty High School Band Director
  • Liberty High School Band Director
  • Liberty North High School Band Director
All District Band
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    All Marching Band and Flag/Guard students must have a completed MSHSAA physical on file. We will not accept paper copies of MSHSAA physicals. Parents must use the application PRIVIT to submit all physical information. 

    Please see PRIVIT quick links listed below for detailed information on how to submit your 2023-2024 physical information. 


    If you have questions or problems regarding PRIVIT, please contact PRIVIT directly at 1.855.977.4848


    Q. When should I update my student's information?

    A. All students must be updated prior to the beginning of Band Camp in July.  

    Q. How will I know if my student has been cleared? 

    A. Please log into PRIVIT to view this information. When you log in, make sure it says "submission complete." Underneath that area, you will find a clearance status; hover over that area to view comments and/or see if your student has been cleared. 

    Q. My student's information is entered, but it is not cleared/the coach can't see it.

    A. Please log into PRIVIT. The issue may be occuring because you have not added your student to the proper group/team. If you've verified that they're in the correct group/team and the problem persists, call PRIVIT for assistance.

    Q. Can I send a completed paper physical to Band Camp with my student?

    A. No. Please do not send paper copies of physicals with your student. Directors have been instructed not to collect them. Parents and students are responsible for uploading their paper physicals to PRIVIT. 

    Q. I'm having technical issues -- what do I do?

    A. Call PRIVIT at 1.855.977.4848