• In accordance with LPS Board of Education policy IGBE, the district designates the following individual as the liaison for foster care students:

    Director of Student Services

    8 Victory Lane, Liberty, MO

    Phone:  816-736-5300


    The liaison will provide assistance regarding all aspects of the enrollment, placement, transfer and withdrawal of children in foster care adn serve as the point of contact for DESE and the CD.  The liaison will also work with DESE and the CD to implement the district's complaint resolution process.

    Enrollment and Placement of Foster Care Students

    Students in a foster care placement located within the boundaries of the district will be educated in the school of origin unless it is not in the best interest of the student to do so.  A student placed in the school of origin will remain in the school of origin for the duration of the time he or she is in foster care.  If it is not in the best interest of the student to stay in the school of origin, the Liberty 53 School District will immediately enroll the student, even if the student is unable to produce records normally required for enrollment, and will contact the school of origin to obtain relevant records.

    Foster care students who attend school in the district because attending the school of origin was not in their best interest will be initially placed in the same courses and programs the students were in while attending the previous district to the extent this district offers such courses and programs.  Such placements may include, but are not limited to:  honors classes; vocational, technical and career pathway courses; and International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), English Learner (EL), special education and gifted programs.  If necessary, the district will waive course or program prerequisites or other preconditions for placement in courses or programs offered at the district.  After placement, the district may perform additional evaluations to ensure that the student has been place appropriately and may change the student's placement after consultation with the student's foster parent.