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  • AVID socratic seminar

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 5/5/2020

    AVID 10 students have taken on socratic seminar practice to increase their ability to dialogue about issues that need to be discussed. We started with a few warm up articles and questions including women as head coaches in the NBA and encouraging rather than discouraging boredom to increase creativity. Steve Person implemented all of their WICOR strategies to prepare. Numbering paragraphs in a shared reading, stopping to define unknown words, citing evidence, and writing pre and post discussion reflections. The collaborative format was conducive to a discussion based on dialogue rather than debate. 


    The warmups were leading to the big game. A socratic seminar about systemic racism. Steve found articles and videos about a topic that students' background knowledge was limited before the research and reading in class.


    Teacher Reflection on Practice Socratics:  


    I’m satisfied with the progress with the group on these pretty tame topics.  Selecting a student moderator to assign tasks and initiate the conversation gave them greater agency and sharing the reading tasks with the moderating selecting the reader kept all of the students engaged in the reading.  The students did a great job stopping the reading to clarify vocabulary.  That was a focus last semester and I’m glad they felt comfortable to continue to stop the reading to gain clarity.  When we got to the conversation it was interesting to see students continue to talk to me rather than each other.  I stopped the conversation and more intentionally removed myself from the equation stating that they needed to either address the group or the moderator and that freed the conversation up.  The down side was that the student moderated conversation got off the rails a little more quickly.  The exciting thing that created though was the emergence of a leader who had very few words in the conversation, but who realized we had gone sideways and felt confident enough to redirect the group and then after having brought the group back weighed in on the intent of that portion of the conversation which steered it back to a more productive path.  This was growth from the first seminar.  The students had greater confidence, they were in more charge and I was able to problem solve some of the focus issues we had in the first one.  I’m still struggling to find a way to keep others from hijacking the conversation with transitions that move in almost a dialogue with no wait time for others to process and contribute.  The wallflowers did a better job of interjecting, but you can tell they still struggle to find their openings.  I think I’m going to choose the young man who emerged as a leader in the conversation as the next moderator.  That needs to be rewarded.

    After the warm up socratics the students analyzed both text and images from the KC metro area. They had candid conversations about the history of Kansas City and the current ramifications of historical discrimination. 

    Racial map



    Student Relections:


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  • Presentations- Virtual Style

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 4/28/2020 2:00:00 PM

    In ELA 12, Sara Turner's classes usually do a process presentation unit where students take turns being in charge of the class to teach a skill. The how-to topics are usually hands-on ranging from life skills to arts and crafts. The rubric focuses on ELA skills: strong hook, clear sequential directions, use of examples, multimedia, vocab, verbal skills, etc. For online learning, the students made tutorial videos.

    The students who are still engaged enjoyed being able to create content that's relevant and popular right now, as well as having freedom to choose a topic that they found interesting and/or useful. Examples:

    How to Make a Protein Shake

    How to Make a Mask

    How to Make Scrambled Eggs

    How to Jumpstart a Car

    How to FIll Out an Online Application

    How to Change a Tire 


    Here's a short playlist from the ones who gave her permission to share:

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  • Seniors Reading Stories

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 4/9/2020

    Check out Sara Turner's class of seniors performing a children's book. The students read an article o the benefits of reading aloud to children and broke down an example before creating their own. 


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  • North Nation Rules

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 4/6/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Dr. Kurth keeps our spirits high with her weekly video! 


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  • LN Teachers Get Creative

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 3/27/2020

    Maybe you make a meme like Laura Snead!


    Then you take a walk with Traci Silvey! 

    Silvey Walking

    Finally, you take a journey with Stefan Frank! 

    German Movie


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  • Trevantine Podcast- Virtual Learning

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 3/25/2020 12:00:00 PM

    Have you heard about Trevantine? This is an amazing source for how are kids are dealing with the impact of COVID19 on their senior year.   @KNET_News is tweeting the episodes daily. 


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  • LN takes on Virtual Learning

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 3/24/2020 1:00:00 PM

    Ken Lenger and his kids started off strong with a class discussion and a Kahoot- no pause in learning for his kids! 

    Google meet to see the kids and share the screen- yes we can! 



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  • AP Government Takes on Jefferson City

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 3/4/2020 6:00:00 PM



    AP Government students from Liberty North and Liberty High School are attempting to pass legislation that would create a uniform AP credit policy in Missouri. The proposal was initiated, researched, and developed by students in Mr. Gates' APGOV classes last year. This year, APGOV students have partnered with Representative Mark Ellebracht as well as the College Board to garner support for their idea. Mr. Gates', Mr. Fulkerson's, and Mr. Ludwig's students sent letters to every public and private high school in the state, and they recently traveled to Jefferson City to lobby legislators and testify in a committee hearing to support HB 1508 and HB 2518.

    HB floor

    As Mr. Gates stated in his testimony to the House legislature, this problem-based learning opportunity began with a student question: "Why doesn't Missouri have the same policy as Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, and 28 other states?" This year-long learning journey about the legislative policy-making process will hopefully change college prospects and costs for thousands of Missouri students. To see more pictures, follow Mr. Gates on Twitter! @gatesapgov 

    To read more check out the Missourian article Missouri could join 31 other states in uniform AP exam credit policy

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  • Portrait Photography Prep

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 12/19/2019 10:00:00 AM


    Teaching Photography is an artform itself! How do you impress on students what it takes to make a portrait a work of art when we live in a culture of snapchat and selfies? Melissa Allshouse broke it down into strategies and techniques for the students to learn and teach to their class. Students shared their knowledge “speed dating” style and took notes as reminders before their photo shoot!


    Teacher Reflection- I loved that the kids were able to take ownership over the subject. It was more personal to present their learning one on one. They had the flexibility to present in a format they chose and they got to do their thing.

    students sharing

    Student Reflections and work- “I know how to take silhouettes in any situation. Using terms in here helped me get across on my website what I wanted to say. I also had a lot of background from graphic design.” - Bret 


     “I liked the idea of the brochure rather than just a google slide. I thought it was cool how we got to draw it out.” -Sedona 

    Lighting Patterns in Portraits


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  • LN First Fashion Show Success

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 12/18/2019 11:00:00 AM

    Promotional poster

    Teaching real world applications is Traci Silvey’s superpower. Her Intro to Fashion Fundamentals classes hosted a full fledged fashion show at Liberty North on December 12th. Students chose a committee based on their strengths including merchandising, coordinating, program promotion, commentary, stage, and hospitality. 

    Dr. Kurth was a special guest of honor and modeled an outfit created for her by the Fashion Fundamentals students! 

    Student Reflections- “The fashion show came together in the end even though we thought it wouldn’t. I enjoyed the hands on and student led process. It was more interesting than traditional things.” - Maia

    "I thought the fashion show was pretty cool. I liked how we got to express our fashion in an outfit and that people got to enjoy it with us." - Cory


    Fashion model


    Teacher Reflection- I was inspired to host a fashion show after a visit to a Fashion Designer in the Crossroads District who hosted a huge fashion show with dinner and everyone involved. I thought I will go back to my Fashion Merchandising class and we are going to do this. This was the first but as an annual event, we will reflect and do this again in the future. 

    Our culinary arts students provided an amazing pink buffet as well! 

    Pink food




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