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  • Math Personalized Learning Program

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 4/9/2021 9:00:00 AM

    The video says it all. Our Math Department is innovative and personalized for learners.


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  • Infinite Possibilities

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 2/11/2021 10:00:00 AM

    In education, we really try to teach transferable skills. We want our students prepared to take on the next level, find their passion, and contribute to society.  These are goals teacher Traci Silvey strives to achieve in her Family & Consumer Science classes.  As teachers, we don’t always see the fruits of our labor. When you get a shout out from a former student turned entrepreneur on Instagram, you take notice! 

    Insta insta 2

    Teacher Reflection: Getting this shoutout on Instagram really filled my bucket with all the reasons we become teachers and personally it motivates me to try to do more! Students are resilient and can/will dig deeper in the midst of this pandemic to find their own creative path. 



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  • North Nation by Design

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 1/19/2021

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  • How do games help you learn Spanish?

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 12/11/2020

    Susan Lynn's classroom is buzzing with joy not only in December but all year long. She incorporates game play into her instructional strategies on a regular basis! 


    Teacher reflection:

    Games are a great way for students to reinforce learning, and there are so many these days that allow teachers to customize with their own content. Some of my favorites are Gimkit, Quizlet Live, Kahoot, Blooket, Sporcle and Educandy. Games give immediate feedback, provide an opportunity to guess and be wrong without being academically penalized, and create a common experience to build a positive classroom community. Students love to play games outside of school, why not seize that avenue to make your content more enjoyable?  There have been many research studies and even more articles on the benefits of games in the classroom. Some would consider it a waste of time, but I can get my kids to willingly conjugate a hundred verbs in order to figure out who the imposter is in a round of Gimkit’s new Trust No One mode, versus fight with them over a 20 question worksheet. Which would you rather do? 


    Student Reflections- 

    How do games help you learn Spanish?

    -It helps me learn because if I get something wrong it tells me right away and it will give me the correct answer so I can see it.

    -It makes it more fun to learn so I think we all are more engaged and interested in learning the material.

    -It keeps the vocabulary in my mind and strong in memory.


    Do you think games are a good use of class time?

    -Yes! It is a fun way to help students learn and I think it puts people in a better mood. I also think it is a good idea because a lot of kids are really stressed from school and games are a way to release that while still learning.

    -I really think the more interactive you can get with students, the better.

    -Yes, I mean as long as we are learning why wouldn't it be?

    games 2

    Do you find learning games that we play as a whole class to be as effective as learning games that you play on your own? 

    -I believe they are more effective as a class, because you're more motivated to learn the words to win or accomplish something than when you're on your own.

    -I think all of the games we play help, but it's so much fun to play as a class. It also helps me become more comfortable with the kids in the classroom. We ALL know, learning spanish is way easier when you're in a comfortable and judgement free space!

    -I feel as a class it’s more effective because it inclines me to do it quickly and do it correctly so I prefer in class but both work fine for me.


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  • North Nation December

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 12/1/2020

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  • Virtual Field Trip

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 10/9/2020 2:00:00 PM

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  • North Nation by Design Month 1

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 10/4/2020 5:00:00 AM

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  • Q: What's Good? A: Eagle Pointe

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 9/25/2020 1:00:00 PM

    ALL the places and spaces we can learn are open for business at Liberty North High School. LNHS students and teachers are adjusting amazingly to the social distancing and mask wearing reality of the 2020 school year. Spacing students into innovation spaces has been a collective effort and we are thrilled with the results. 

    Below, our English Language Arts teachers find places and spaces to facilitate distance cooperative learning as well as one on one conferencing. 

    ELA Eagle Pointe

    Our North Nation by Design 9th grade team and FACS classes spent some time working on team building and enjoying the weather as well. Extra benefit, the CDC encourages time outside, so THAT was a win/win!


    Our virtual teachers explore every nook and cranny to engage with their online learners.



    Have a wonderful weekend eagles! 

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  • AVID socratic seminar

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 5/5/2020

    AVID 10 students have taken on socratic seminar practice to increase their ability to dialogue about issues that need to be discussed. We started with a few warm up articles and questions including women as head coaches in the NBA and encouraging rather than discouraging boredom to increase creativity. Steve Person implemented all of their WICOR strategies to prepare. Numbering paragraphs in a shared reading, stopping to define unknown words, citing evidence, and writing pre and post discussion reflections. The collaborative format was conducive to a discussion based on dialogue rather than debate. 


    The warmups were leading to the big game. A socratic seminar about systemic racism. Steve found articles and videos about a topic that students' background knowledge was limited before the research and reading in class.


    Teacher Reflection on Practice Socratics:  


    I’m satisfied with the progress with the group on these pretty tame topics.  Selecting a student moderator to assign tasks and initiate the conversation gave them greater agency and sharing the reading tasks with the moderating selecting the reader kept all of the students engaged in the reading.  The students did a great job stopping the reading to clarify vocabulary.  That was a focus last semester and I’m glad they felt comfortable to continue to stop the reading to gain clarity.  When we got to the conversation it was interesting to see students continue to talk to me rather than each other.  I stopped the conversation and more intentionally removed myself from the equation stating that they needed to either address the group or the moderator and that freed the conversation up.  The down side was that the student moderated conversation got off the rails a little more quickly.  The exciting thing that created though was the emergence of a leader who had very few words in the conversation, but who realized we had gone sideways and felt confident enough to redirect the group and then after having brought the group back weighed in on the intent of that portion of the conversation which steered it back to a more productive path.  This was growth from the first seminar.  The students had greater confidence, they were in more charge and I was able to problem solve some of the focus issues we had in the first one.  I’m still struggling to find a way to keep others from hijacking the conversation with transitions that move in almost a dialogue with no wait time for others to process and contribute.  The wallflowers did a better job of interjecting, but you can tell they still struggle to find their openings.  I think I’m going to choose the young man who emerged as a leader in the conversation as the next moderator.  That needs to be rewarded.

    After the warm up socratics the students analyzed both text and images from the KC metro area. They had candid conversations about the history of Kansas City and the current ramifications of historical discrimination. 

    Racial map



    Student Relections:


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  • Presentations- Virtual Style

    Posted by Tara Harvey on 4/28/2020 2:00:00 PM

    In ELA 12, Sara Turner's classes usually do a process presentation unit where students take turns being in charge of the class to teach a skill. The how-to topics are usually hands-on ranging from life skills to arts and crafts. The rubric focuses on ELA skills: strong hook, clear sequential directions, use of examples, multimedia, vocab, verbal skills, etc. For online learning, the students made tutorial videos.

    The students who are still engaged enjoyed being able to create content that's relevant and popular right now, as well as having freedom to choose a topic that they found interesting and/or useful. Examples:

    How to Make a Protein Shake

    How to Make a Mask

    How to Make Scrambled Eggs

    How to Jumpstart a Car

    How to FIll Out an Online Application

    How to Change a Tire 


    Here's a short playlist from the ones who gave her permission to share:

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