• What We Do

    College and Career Services is here to facilitate connections between students and their community. By partnering with local businesses, the Liberty School District can provide real-world, hands-on experiences in the field. Liberty also invites adults from the community to become volunteers and work with students one on one or with a group of students. 

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Mission Critical Statement

  • The district will expand relationships and partnerships with parents, patrons, and businesses in order to ensure greater opportunities for real world application of learning.

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What Does It Mean?

  • What does it mean to be College and Career Ready?

    According to David T. Conley's article "A Complete Definition of College and Career Readiness", students who are college and career ready are more likely to succeed in college courses and post-collegiate work. College and career ready students think more strategically, have more content knowledge, and have better learning skills and practices.

    For more on this, read:

    "College Career Readiness and Success".

Goals & Strategies

  • Liberty Public Schools works to ensure all students have access to a broad range of high quality educational opportunities from early learning into post high school engagement.

    Missouri Career Pathways Vision

    All Missouri Students will:

    1. Graduation from high school success ready with an individual careern and academic plan (ICAP) and work based learning experience

    2. Attain a credential of certification with value in the regional and global labor market(s)

    3. Launch a career in an occupation earning a family living wage with opportunity to advance to higher levels of education and employment

    Activities to Achieve the Vision

    1. Identify high demand occupations in the region

    2. Connect employers with educators

    3. Connect educators with post-secondary programs

    4. Promote work based learning experiences and STEAM activities

    5. Coordinate and facilitate teacher externships to enhance relevancy in the classroom

    6. Facilitate workshops and training

    7. Promote and provide professional development and resources for teaching professional/essential skills

    8. Connect educators to business and industry workplace skills

    9. Broaden awareness of career opportunites for students

    10. Integrate work place skills into instruction