• This year the Warren Hills Library will be hosting a year long Harry Potter Read Along. This is simply a chance for students, parents, and teachers to reread or read for the first time the Harry Potter series.  The plan is to take 5 weeks to read each book. During those 5 weeks the library will be posting trivia questions and students are welcome to ask questions or share their favorite parts.  This read along is totally voluntary and can be completed by reading or listening to the books.  We have very limited copies of the books in our library but titles can be found online through SORA and at the public libraries.  Audio books can also be found on SORA and at the public libraries.  Of course students are more than welcome to read copies they may already have at home or share copies with friends.  I want to encourage students to ask their friends and teachers if they are reading the books and to share their thoughts and feelings.  Check back here every week for the trivia questions and any students or teacher reflections.  

    Ms. McDonald will post her progress with the books on the Harry Potter bulletin board outside the library each week.

    Also feel free to connect to some online Harry Potter resources.


    Link to Pottermore Website: Wizarding World               Link to Harry Potter on Scholastic Website