LPS Returns to Learn
  • In Liberty Public Schools, the health and safety of our students and staff while at school is our top priority.  Our LPS School Reentry Task Force has been hard at work since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 developing and revising a comprehensive plan that addresses the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic creates.

    We have worked in lockstep with the Clay County Public Health Center throughout this situation, and will continue to receive regular updates from not only CCPHC but also local, regional, state, and federal health officials.

    Please know that this continues to be an extremely fluid situation with details within our plan likely to evolve in the coming weeks and months.  We are committed to communicating changes when they become available.

    Thank you for your support and continued partnership as we keep our students and staff safe!


  • Sick Kid Potential Symptoms of COVID-19

    We cannot stress enough the importance of students and staff staying home from school if showing COVID-19 symptoms or being sick. 

    COVID-19 Exposure and Symptom Protocols are provided within the COVID-19 Procedures and Protocols document provided on our main Return to Learn web page.



    Social Distancing Distancing
    The District, in conjunction with the guidance and recommendations provided by local public health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is committed to accommodating all students who choose in-person learning five days/week.  Because more students will be in District facilities this school year, it is anticipated that the CDC social distancing recommendation of 3-6 feet could be compromised at certain times throughout the day. All reasonable efforts will be made by the District to maximize social distancing to the greatest extent possible while striving to meet the overarching goal of maintaining at least 3 feet.

    Hygiene Personal Hygiene
    School staff are encouraged to review proper hand washing techniques with all students.  Students and staff should clean and sanitize their hands on a regular and frequent basis.  Foaming sanitizer dispensers are available at the entrance to indoor instructional spaces.  Students and staff should be encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands at every transition throughout the school day. 
    Maks Masks/PPE
    For the most updated information regarding masks worn in our facilities, we encourage you to review our most recently updated LPS Return to Learn addendum document that is posted on our main Return to Learn web page.
    High Risk High Risk Populations
    All families and staff are encouraged to review the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) pertaining to high risk populations.  Any individual who may be considered to be at higher risk should consult with their physician to determine whether it is safe for them to participate in face-to-face instruction, or whether they are better suited to participate virtually.
    Daily Screening Daily Screening and Reporting
    District Staff
    Staff members will be required to complete a self-assessment prior to the start of each work day and be symptom-free of COVID-19.
    Families will be required to complete an assessment of their student prior to the start of each day and be symptom-free of COVID-19.
    Visitors Visitors and Vendors
    Consistent with public health guidance, visitors are strongly discouraged within school buildings. Exceptions can be made for organized academic programming at the discretion of the building principal. All visitors will be required to follow the current district guidance in regard to masking and social distancing when on District property.
    Cleaning Cleaning and Sanitization
    Before each day, our custodial staff will provide a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all occupied spaces consistent with CDC guidance and LPS custodial protocols.  Throughout the day, custodial staff will clean and sanitize higher use areas at regular intervals. Buses will be sanitized and disinfected between routes.
    Large Gatherings Large Gatherings
    Consistent with public health guidance, large indoor gatherings will be limited at the discretion of the building principal.  In instances where a large group is brought together in one indoor space, social distancing will be strongly encouraged. When possible, larger gatherings will move outdoors or to a virtual format.