Daily Schedules

  • Liberty Virtual Schools will be running class schedules synchronously. Our teachers are committed to building relationships through learning with all of their students. Below are the daily schedules for our students in elementary (K-5) and secondary (6-12).

Pre K - Grade 5

Elementary Specials Schedule

  • Our Elementary Specials Schedule will include options for both synchronous (virtual face-to-face) instruction as well as asynchronous instructional materials (ie posted pre-recorded video, tutorial, etc.). Families will have the option of the mode of instruction that works best for their student.

    Elementary Specials Schedule

PEAK Schedule

Secondary School Schedules

Secondary A/B/V Days

  • All secondary schools (6-12) will follow the same daily schedules below:

    The ABV calendar below shows the breakdown of each day in a student's schedule. At LVS we will be using a modified block schedule where:

    • A Days will be Hours 1, 3, 5, 7
    • B Days will be Hours 2, 4, 6, 8
    • V Days will be Hours 1-7 and are considered "Virtual Days". Please see the explanation below

    Daily ABV Schedule

    Click HERE to view

    V Days have been added to our calendar to match the seven secondary buildings across LPS. As we share many full and part time teachers, we needed to keep our calendars consistent in order to maximize our instructional workforce. V Days are typically Wednesdays on a typical five day school week; however, on weeks with less than five school days you should refer to the AB schedule above as there could be changes. V Days will run a shortened schedule and Hours 1-7 will meet. 

    • Teachers will post assignments/lessons by 8:10 am.
    • Teachers will be available virtually for Office Hours or host a video lesson using the following schedule.
    • Students should engage in video lessons at the scheduled time.

    Middle School Virtual Day (V Day) Schedule

    High School Virtual Day (V Day Schedule