sun LPS Summer School 2020

    We thank you for your patience and understanding as we modify our summer school plan.  As you know, this is an unprecedented time for everyone with changing guidelines from health officials.  We are working to be flexible to meet your student(s) needs this summer. 

    Currently the potential options for student(s) wanting to attend summer school will be:

    * June Virtual Kindergarten update:

    Incoming Kindergarten students at this time will not be able to attend LPS June Virtual Summer School due to the need for virtual instructional devices and managing online learning formats.  We are working towards having Kindergartners attend July summer school in a virtual setting.

    Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this unprecedented time. 

    • Elementary and Middle 1-8  June Virtual Academy half days focusing on PBL, ELA and Math  Dates: June 1 - June 26  AM: 8-11 OR PM: 12-3
    • Elementary and Middle K-8  July Virtual Academy  half days focusing on PBL, ELA and Math  Dates: July 8 - 31  AM: 8-11 OR PM: 12-3
    • Elementary and Middle K-8 July Face-to-Face half day classes Dates: July 8 - 31, if allowed by health department guidelines. Concrete information regarding Bussing, KidZone, Times and Schedules will be communicated after June 5th. 


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    Lisa Johnston, Administrative Assistant 816.736.6730

    Christopher Hand, Director of Assessment, Evaluation and Testing 816.736.5320

    Liberty Public Schools offers a Summer School program for students entering Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.  This program is designed to both enhance student skills in the core curricular areas while also providing opporunities to enrich and explore areas of interest.  Interacitve hands-on-activities are delivered around exciting themes throughout the curriculum.












    Camp Invention

    Summer Opportunities

    Camp Invention 2020!
    Camp Invention is a high-energy, hands-on STEM camp.  Your child will love what's in store for this year!

    CREATE - Become a confident entrepreneur as you sketch, protoype, protect and pitch the next great invention!
    COLLABORATE - Team up to play hybrid hover ball games, trade inventor playing cards and design the ultimate sports complex.
    PROBLEM SOLVE - Tackle environmental challenges while you compete in zipline races and build parachutes to airdrop animals!

    Click here to register!

    Price: $235
    Location: Liberty Oaks Elementary School
    8150 North Farley
    Kansas City, MO 64158

    Program Dates:   8/3/2020 - 8/7/2020
    Program Length: 5 Days
    Program Times: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM  *Need longer hours?  See our Exciting news for this location.

    *Exciting news for this location: We are offering an Extended Day experience, making our program schedule more convenient for busy families.  With Extended Day, your program will run from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM with an additional cost of $80.00 per week.  To sign up for this program schedule, please select the Extended Day option during the second step of registration. 

    Directed by Matthew Krohne



  • Summer School Incentive Program

    Summer School Bookstore:
    Students who participate and engage in classroom activities will have their name included in a daily book drawing to come and choose a book from the Summer School Bookstore.

    Perfect Attendance Incentive:
    Students who have perfect attendance the entire program will be eligible for a drawing on the last day. Each building will be giving away one Kindle Fire 7 and one Wireless Stereo Earbud.  

    Summer School Discipline Policy 
    Summer School will be a fun-filled and challenging learning experience for students.  To ensure that all students are safe and able to learn, the same behavior appropriate during the regular school year will be expected.  Students are expected to treat all staff and students at school with respect, as well as respect the property of others, while demonstrating safe and appropriate behavior in and about the school.  To assist students in developing desirable behavior habits, educators will provide an environment that is safe, positive, and challenging.  Students feel safe and learning improves when they have clear, logical, and consistent boundaries.  Teachers and administrators work as a team to provide the needed structure and support to help each student learn to take responsibility for their actions.  Parents/Guardians will be kept informed on any concerns and will be asked to partner with the school in helping their children learn to make good choices.  The Summer School Program will not utilize detentions or in-school suspension because of limited summer staff.  Because of this during an instance where a detention or in-school suspension would be an appropriate consequence the student may be sent home or asked not to attend part, or the remainder of the Summer School program.

    Bulletin:  The Missouri General Assembly may adjust funding for summer school at any time.  As a result, the Liberty Summer School program may be adjusted or modified based on state funding.