Network53 Internships

  • Connecting students to internship opportunities.
    Network53 partners with the community and businesses to provide opportunities for students to have individual experiences for Real World Learning. Students are mentored by employers in a professional setting that provide skills that are needed for their future. Students receive their high school credit and also the option for college credit. 

    Program Requirements:

    All students must meet the following requirements to participate in Network53:

    • Students are academically juniors or seniors in high school
    • Students are in good standing in their high school
    • Students are on track to graduate

    Application Timeline:

    After enrollment, students will be contacted by the Career Navigator at their home high school and encouraged to set up a time to meet to discuss areas of interest. After that, the Career Navigators, as well as the students, begin the process of identifying a willing internship host site. When a site is chosen, the Career Navigator and student will visit the site for an interview. After the interview, if all involved parties are in agreement, the student will begin his/her internship after successful completion of the onboarding process.

    • Note: Career Navigators are available to speak with students throughout the year. If you know you want to participate in an internship, you are encouraged to meet with your career navigator early to begin the process of identifying and procuring a great internship site.

    Program Specifics:

    • Network53 is available as a Practical Art credit towards graduation
    • Network53 is available for dual credit
    • Students take Network53 for 2 of their 8 periods on their daily schedule
    • Students will complete the two-week onboarding process at the beginning of their 1st semester before they are allowed to begin their internships
    • Students complete 6 hours at their internship site per week
      • *Depending on individual schedules (as well as the willingness of the business partner), these 6 hours can happen many different ways. Students may work a single day or multiple days to accumulate 6 hours.
    • Students will attend 1 day of class at their home high school each week
    • Weekly meetings consist of activities designed to build students’ professional skills by focusing on the Essential Skills created by the DeBruce Foundation and Mid-America Regional Council.
    • Students have the opportunity to explore a second industry during their Spring semester if they have successfully completed their fall internship experience
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