Northland Career Center

  • Northland Career Center will…

    1. Develop relevant, quality programs to prepare students for a continually changing world.
    2. Responsibly manage all business operations in order to maximize resources and innovation geared towards student achievement.
    3. Provide necessary critical skills for students to meet the challenges of life and their chosen career path in a relevant and safe environment.
    4. Be a committed staff that is student focused, supportive, trusting, reliable, passionate, accountable, and innovative.
    5. Increase visibility, develop partnerships, explore possibilities, and expand resources.

Courses Offered

    • Agricultural Education
    • Aviation Technology
    • Construction Technology
    • Culinary Arts
    • Diesel Technology
    • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
    • Health Sciences (1 year)
    • Industrial Welding
    • IT Professional
    • Law Enforcement/CSI
    • Production Technologies
    • Teaching Professions

How to Apply

  • NCC offers programs geared toward high school juniors or seniors. Applications to attend these career centers will be made available during the Course Selection period. For more details meet with your counselor to discuss your options.  

  • Northland Career Center

Contact Information

  • Phone: 816.858.5505

    1801Branch St
    Platte City, MO 64079