• Alexander Doniphan PTA is an active part of our school community. Our motto is "Better together" -- because we believe that every family has a place in the PTA!
    What does the PTA do?
    PTA stands for "Parent Teacher Association"...but the heart of what we do is always centered around our kids. We work to:
    • Build community and a sense of belonging for all students, staff and families at AD through fun events and activities during the school day and beyond
    • Provide opportunities for enrichment, learning and growth through educational and cultural arts programs and experiences
    • Enhance the learning environment by funding teacher- and student-led grants for classroom, playground and school resources
    • Support our teachers, administrators and staff by coordinating volunteers, providing food for special occasions, and partnering with them to provide the best possible school experience for students
    How can I help? 
    There are many ways to get involved, and they don't require a huge investment of your time and resources. Here are some ideas:
      • Become a PTA member! It's simple, affordable, and open to anyone. 
      • Explore volunteer opportunities--we have something for everyone. Daytime, evening, one-time event help, work from home roles, specialized talents like photography/design/bookkeeping...if you want to help, we'll find a place for you! Contact a PTA officer today! 
      • Donate--your tax-deductible gift goes directly to support the mission of the PTA.


    Have questions? 
    We would love to talk with you. The PTA Executive Board consists of officers and standing committee chairs who help coordinate and carry out the work of the PTA. Reach out to any of us. We look forward to hearing from you!