• early release (does not include the Wednesday early release days) 

    A Scheduled Early Release occurs when school is dismissed early for teacher work day, staff development or parent conferences and Kid’s Zone remains open for care at each individual site.

    Please see the calendar to view the scheduled early release days this year.

    A one-hour or two hour early dismissal option is also available in the event of rapidly deteriorating conditions. Kid's Zone will be open at your child's school in the event of an early release and will close at the normal time of 6:00 pm.

    All children enrolled in the Kid’s Zone program may attend on scheduled early release days  These days are included in the monthly tuition rate.  (this does not include weekly early releases on Wednesdays)

    ***NEW***The signup process for Scheduled Early Release Days has changed. In order to help with social distancing, sign-ups for these days will be done electronically. Parents will be sent an email with a link to verify their child's attendance for upcoming Early Release Days.

    Children will be served lunch prior to dismissal, and afternoon snack will be served during Kid’s Zone hours.

    If your child is normally in Kid’s Zone only Before School, it is the parent’s responsibility to inform the school of the alternate plan for their child to stay at Kid’s Zone on the early release day if needed.

    Please make sure to have a set plan for scheduled early release days with the school office and with Kid’s Zone, as this will help avoid confusion on these days.

    It is critical that your site knows whether or not your child will attend on early release days. Please see your Site Supervisor for sign-up deadlines.