• Project MOST

    Project MOST (Maximizing Opportunities for a Successful Transition) is a whole-person approach to developing self-independence while training in an industrial setting to be a productive employee. Students gain hands-on/on-the-job work experience in an industrial manufacturing setting and real-world life situational experience in the classroom and in the community. The Project MOST curriculum utilizes industry and educational professionals to instruct students and help them obtain full-time employment without the financial burden of post-secondary training.

    About Us:

    Project MOST started in August 2018 as an industry-driven training internship created by corporate leaders to address regional workforce development challenges. Project MOST focused on providing practical hands-on/on-the-job training to students with an IEP (Individual Education Plan). These students can do the Fast Track option or the 9-month option. This is an unpaid internship.

    Classroom Content:

    • Hands-on / On-the-Job Experience
    • Industrial Safety Training
    • Red Cross CPR / AED / First Aid
    • LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out)
    • OSHA 10
    • Welding Quality
    • Community Experience
    • Learner's Permit / Driver's Training
    • Budgeting
    • Housing

    The curriculum is structured by industry and instruction is provided by a combination of professional educators & real-world subject matter experts.

    As an intern of Project MOST you have the opportunity to be workforce ready, starting with Pro Staff Agency and work hardening, shorter hours building up to full-time and starting a well-paid and highly sought after position with no student debt.

    You can earn high school credits toward your diploma along with market value assets, making the valuable skills you have learned available to local industries hiring in the area.

    More Information:

    For more information and to request a tour, please click here to complete our Google Form.

    School/Industry Partners: LHS/LNHS & LMV Automotive Systems/MAGNA International Inc.

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    Supporters: Clay County Savings Bank & Full Employment Council Kansas City, MO

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