• What is Village? 

    EDGE learners are part of a “village” that meets throughout the four years of high school creating a home base to build community and grow and reflect on personal and academic growth. Through the work in village, EDGE students practice, learn, and demonstrate the competencies for the course Global Activism.

    What is Global Activism?

    This course will be a foundational component of the EDGE microschool. Each year EDGE students will have the opportunity to be part of a Village community that creates a home base for students to build community, prepare for the EDGE capstone experience, and reflect on personal growth. Each Village is facilitated by an EDGE teacher who also supports students through their academic and real-world learning experiences. Students will develop the skills and agency necessary to succeed in the EDGE learner experience through explicit instruction in the skills learned in the Global Activism course.

    This course will be a required course for all EDGE students. Students will earn a 0.25 credit each year, totaling 1 full elective credit over the course of 4 years.

    This course is designed to build the foundational skills necessary to expand your understanding of the world and investigate how global issues impact people, places, ideas, and events throughout the world. Students will learn a variety of interpersonal skills that are useful for immersing in different cultures and exploring global issues within a variety of environments. The course will also support students in applying a variety of project management skills and research methods, both quantitative and qualitative, that are useful for investigating global issues. Students will also study activism frameworks from a historical perspective and learn to plan, implement, and evaluate strategies for creating change. 

    What skills are learned through Village/Global Activism?

    Students are introduced and taught these competencies in Village/Global Activism. The goal is for these skills to be transferred to all coursework within EDGE and outside of EDGE, preparing students for life.