• "This is the first time since fifth grade where I wasn't really focused on my grades; I was focused on my learning, and I feel like I progressed more because of that mindset shift." -Emily, EDGE junior, end-of-year reflection

    EDGE Competency Schoolwide Success Criteria

    As we create an environment of learning mastery, we collectively aspire to the following…

    1. Learners know and understand the skills and knowledge they are expected to demonstrate.

    2. Learner conversations about learning are centered on skills, learning evidence, and mastery, rather than assignments, points, and grades.

    3. Learners understand the progression of skills/knowledge to get to the transferring level of learning.

    4. Learners can explain the skills and knowledge they are practicing/demonstrating with all learning and project activities.

    5. Learners have voice and choice in how and when they demonstrate learning, when progress is being made.

    6. Learners have multiple opportunities to practice and show learning evidence until they reach the demonstrating or transferring level, when progress is being made.

    7. Learners have frequent opportunities to practice and demonstrate transfer of learning across disciplines.

    8. Learners have frequent opportunity to seek and act on feedback from their teacher, peers, and authentic audiences.

    9. Learners and stakeholders, including parents, teachers, counselors, & admin, clearly understand real-time progress on mastery of skills and knowledge.

    10. Learners understand how their learning will be reported as a grade.


    Please review the EDGE Handbook for specific grading policies. 

    Competency        Project Planning

    EDGE students explore how competencies align across courses as part of the project planning and learning process.

    competency chat        Competency Chat

    Competency chats are an opportunity for students to engage 1-on-1 with teachers to review progress, exchange ideas and build upon feedback.