Program Overview

  • Liberty Public Schools currently provides English language development support to over 200 students in grades K-12. English language development is offered by certificated ELL instructors to students from households that speak languages other than English. There are a variety of nationalities and languages represented within this student group; the top four languages spoken are Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Arabic.

Program Models

  • English language learner teachers practice the following instructional models in LPS.

    Pull-out Instruction: This model takes place primarily at our elementary level schools. ELL teachers pull students out of the classroom to work on specific academic skills and language development. Teachers may work one-on-one with students or in small groups.

    Sheltered Instruction: This model takes place at the secondary level. ELL students may take a class that is small group and focuses on the same curriculum as their peers, but ELL teachers use techniques to make the material understandable to learners.

    Resource Instruction: Resource instruction takes place at the secondary level. A resource hour class is dedicated to help students discuss readings, complete tests, work on projects, or do individualized units of coursework to enhance students’ language development.

    Content-Based Instruction: Content-based ELL focuses on delivering curriculum content through English in such a way to make the content comprehensible to English language learners. Both elementary and secondary students benefit from this method. Students are not removed from content area instruction to focus exclusively on learning English, but an ELL teacher goes to the students' content area classes to utilize that time to teach language through content and to support students’ academic needs.

    Co-Teaching: This model may occur at both the elementary and secondary level. An ELL teacher partners with a classroom teacher, and they work together to deliver class content by using various strategies to reach all students’ learning needs.

Contact Information

Translated Documents

  • Translated Documents include:

    • ELD Site School Flyer
    • Family Needs Assessment
    • FERPA
    • Field Trip Request
    • Interpretation and Translation Services
    • Medication Authorization
    • PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Account Creation
    • Residency Affidavit Form
    • Student Demographic Address Change Form
ELD Language Chart