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Device FAQ

Below are common questions for the 1:1 programs K-12. If you have a question you do not see an answer for, please contact your building principal, a classroom teacher or the Technology Helpdesk at 816-736-7078.


What is the cost for device protection and claims?

Protection Coverage:
MacBooks: $30 and $0 for Free/Reduced
iPads: $25 and $0 for Free/Reduced

MacBooks: $50 per incident or actual cost if less than $50. $25 for Free/Reduced
iPads: $40 per incident or actual cost if less than $40. $20 for Free/Reduced

What is the cost if the device is lost or stolen instead of just damaged?

The cost for lost or stolen devices is a $100 per occurrence deductible, regardless of free and reduced status and a police report must be filed. The amount will be reimbursed if the device is returned in good working order. If damaged, the deductible amounts will go into effect.

What if the device is not returned at the end of the school year?

If the device is not turned in at the end of the school year, a personal phone call to the home will be made by building staff. After that, a certified letter will be sent to the home if not returned the next working day after the call. If still not returned after five days of the letter being delivered, a police report will be filed.

What if the damage or loss is less than the deductible amount?

If there is damage or loss of any issued item that is less than the deductible amount, then the student will only be charged the actual replacement cost.

What if the damage to the device is intentional?

If there is intentional damage to the device, the user will be responsible for the full cost of the repair, regardless if device protection has been purchased.

Am I responsible for a defective device?

You will not be responsible for any repairs for a device that malfunctions unless it is the result of any type of misuse or damage. You will also not be charged for repairs that would be considered normal wear and tear. 

How do I pay for device protection?

The insurance can only be completed online with a credit card. If you want to pay with cash you can purchase a prepaid card from the school office and then use that prepaid card to purchase the insurance online at There is a tutorial on the 1:1 device website.

Can students take loaner devices home?

When a device is damaged or needs to be repaired, the student is issued a loaner device. The loaner device can be taken home unless there are extenuating circumstances.

I qualify for free and reduced lunches and the correct price is not displayed when I register.

If you have been approved for free and reduced lunches, you need to make sure you have signed the waiver that allows the information to be shared with other school programs. If you have not signed that waiver, the costs will not show up as reduced in the insurance portal. You can download the form from the nutrition services website or pick them up in the school office. You will want to return the signed form to the school office. Once the form is received, the costs will be updated.

What if I have a claim from the previous school year?

For students that have claims from the previous school year, the claim will need to be paid as well as device protection for the new school year.

Will the devices have tracking software installed on them?

Yes, we will have tracking programs that can be used on the devices as needed and this will help the District try to locate lost or stolen devices.

What items will students be receiving?

Students will be receiving a device, a charger and a case or protector cover depending on the device received.  All items issued will be assigned to each student and will need to be returned when specified.  Failure to return any of these items would result in the student being charged.

What happens if a student forgets their device at home?

Students who accidentally leave their devices at home might not have access to a device for the day. The devices in the library are mainly used for loaners for damaged devices and it will depend on availability.

Are other family members allowed to use the device at home?

Any family member is able to utilize the device with parent or guardian's permission. 

Can I install personal software on the device?

Only District provided software will be allowed on the device. Students who try to circumvent the security features on the device could have the device taken away from them. Please note that students will be able to install some programs from the device application stores. Depending on the installation requirements, some applications may not install.

Can I install additional printers such as a home printer?

Students should be able to install home printers as long as the printer is compatible with the MacBook Air.

Can students change the outward appearance of their device?

Students are not allowed to do anything to the computer that permanently alters it in any way. The snap-on protection devices for the MacBooks and iPads are not allowed to be removed or replaced with a different product. 

Can students bring their own device rather than using one provided for them?

Students are not allowed to bring their own devices from home to use.  The computers that are issued are configured for our network which will allow them to get to the resources that they need. 

Where should students store their devices when they are not in class (PE, lunch, practice, etc.)?

Students need to keep their device in a secured location at all times when unsupervised.  The best choice students can make is to lock their device in their locker or classroom depending on the grade level. Building staff will instruct students on the proper procedures. The locked trunk of a car would be an acceptable storage place as long as it’s not excessively hot or cold.

If on an athletic team, never leave computers in school vehicles, in the gym, in a locker room, on a playing field or in other areas where it could be damaged or stolen.

Devices left in bags in unattended classrooms or other areas considered “unattended” will be confiscated by faculty or staff as protection against theft. 

Will student internet access be filtered outside of school?

Internet access on school issued devices will continue to be filtered by the school’s website filtering software even when the computer is connected to the internet outside of school.  

What if I do not have internet access at home?

The District does have T-Mobile hotspots that can be checked out to students if needed. Please contact your building librarian or the Technology Helpdesk at 816-736-7078 for more information. Other options would be the public library or places such as restaurants and businesses that provide free wireless. 

How often will the devices need to be plugged in or charged?

Students should come to school with a fully charged device.  Students should also try to preserve battery power during the school day by lowering the lid whenever the device is not in use (for those with MacBooks). Students will be allowed to charge their devices in class only at the teacher’s discretion.

What if a device needs service?

If the student is having problems with the device and it is not working correctly, the student may check out a loaner device from the Library Media Center. As soon as their original device is repaired, it will be returned. 

What is the best way to clean the screen?

Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth when cleaning the device's screen.  If necessary, the cloth may be dampened slightly to assist in the cleaning areas that do not appear to come clean with the dry cloth. 

Once I graduate can I purchase my device?

No, you will not be able to purchase the device when you graduate.