• Safety & Security

    Liberty Public Schools takes pride in being considered one of the most progressive school districts in Missouri and the Midwest. This visionary approach applies to School Safety and Security. 


    Keeping schools safe is a responsibility for all staff, students, and patrons. To report any issue concerning school violence, drugs, or bullying, you may use one of the following methods:

    Contact the Director of Safety and Security at 816-736-7319

    Go to the Sprigeo website: Sprigeo

    Liberty School Safety Hotline: 816-736-7331

    Missouri School Violence Hotline: 1-866-748-7047

    Text to 847411 using keyword "Reportit" and include school name and city

  • Visiting A School

    All visitors to our schools must enter through a controlled electronic entry system, check in at the main office and receive a guest pass. Please come prepared for the check in process with your government issued ID. The Hall Pass system is used to check in all guests and completes an instant, nationwide, sex offender history check. 

    All doors are locked and no one may enter without first identifying themselves and their purpose.

    School Security & Safety

    Professional security personnel along with School Resource Officers are on duty daily to patrol all Liberty Public School buildings and grounds.

    Registered Nurses and trained aides are on staff at each school to provide assistance to students when needed. Liberty Public Schools is unique in having RN’s at every site.

    Emergency Awareness and Collaboration

    Every Liberty Public School facility has a comprehensive crisis and safety plan. The plans are designed with the assistance of professional law enforcement. The plans, which are regularly updated, include procedures to respond to a variety of crisis events. School district personnel practice the drills associated with these specific emergencies on a regular basis.

    Crisis Communications

    Ensuring that students, staff, parents, patrons, media, and the Liberty community have accurate and timely information during a crisis is the responsibility of the Communications Director. The Communications Director works in conjunction with emergency response teams, issues emergency information via radio, television, and the district website, as well as coordinates with district administration to convey direct and concise information.

    Parent Crisis Communication 

    During any crisis event, communciation to parents/guardians will be one of our top priorities. To assist us in being effective and efficient as possible in the delivery of this information, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Do not telephone the school. We understand and respect your concern, but it is essential that the telephone system be available for emergency communications.
    • Tune to local radio and television stations for emergency announcements and status reports. District Cable Channel KLPS-TV 18 will also be a direct source along with our website and mobile app. You will also receive instructions via phone, through our Parent Notification System, as to where you should go and how/when you may be able to pick up your child. 
    • Do not come to the school or evacuation location until you are instructed to do so. It may be necessary to keep the streets and parking lot clear for emergency vehicles. If evacuation is required, students may be transported to a location away from the school. LPS has sites planned and mobilization plans in place. You will be notified of the locations through the media outlets or district website and Cable Channel KLPS-TV 18.
    • When talking or texting with your children, emphasize how important it is for them to follow instructions from their teachers and school officials during any emergency.
    • Carefully read all information you receive from your school. You may receive updates about our safety precautions from time to time or Parent Alerts for possible safety concerns.



  • Contact Information

    Gary Majors
    Director of Safety & Security
    Gary Majors

    Nicki Trester
    Administrative Assistant
    Nicki Trester