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Car Rider Lines

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Kellybrook Car Rider Guidelines

At Kellybrook, we strive to keep all students safe. Traffic patterns will be changing this year with the addition of Rising Hill Elementary opening across the street. As a result, we felt this would be a good time to put extra safety procedures in place. Our first change is the location of our two car rider drop off/pick up locations. Car riders will be loaded and unloaded on the northside of Kellybrook and on the playground. Thanks to the addition of a curb­cut along 108th street, we will now have two exits. Please see the map for specific details. The second change is the requirement of a Kellybrook car tag for all students that will be car riders. See specific information below.

Car Loop Changes

●  The driveway on the northside of our building, is an EXIT only at ALL times. Please DO NOT ENTER through this driveway. You will notice it is clearly marked.

●  We have 2 car rider lines. One will travel through the playground area and out through the new driveway. The other line will travel past the main entrance, around the northside of our building, through the parking lot, and then up the hill out the west driveway.

●  Both car rider lines will have adults at colored squares to help students into the car if they need help. Please stay in your vehicle to keep our line moving.


Car Tag Information

●  In order to quickly verify drivers and families of our students, all cars will be required to have a special Kellybrook car tag that will be provided by Kellybrook. These will be handed out on Back to School Night, August 13 from 4:30­6pm in the cafe’. We will provide 3 car pick­up tags per family. If you need additional, you may purchase them in the office for $2 each.

●  For safety purposes, if you don’t have the Kellybrook car tag, please pick up your student in the office. The office will be able to quickly verify the identity of the individual picking up the student. We appreciate your help in keeping the students safe.