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How Does Our Garden Grow?

Garden update:

All of the Spring Garden is officially planted!  Plants have survived the recent freezing temperatures and all seeds are starting to poke through the ground!   Students are excited to watch the progress and are patiently waiting to taste the vegetables!


The Garden has officially been named!  Stop by "The Learning Patch" and see the spring garden start to take shape.

LP      LIFE .   butterfly

Students have planted Onions (2 varieties) and lettuce (also 2 varieties).  Still to be planted are radishes, carrots and potatoes!  Perennials are poking through the flower beds and we are expecting birds to start nesting in the bird houses. All are welcome to visit the garden!

Our garden has spent the winter months resting.  After sitting dormant for months, we are awaiting a burst of Spring Activity!  We are starting to plan our spring garden and getting ready to get the beds ready for planting!  We also have something pretty special planned - we are going to announce the winner of our "name our garden" contest from last spring and unveil our new garden sign!  We are just waiting for winter to get over with! 

By the way, the first day of Spring is March 20!Garden Garden Garden