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Snacks & Treats for Special Events

It is important to ALWAYS check the label on the package to make sure it is free of peanuts and nuts of all kinds. PLEASE READ THE LABELS, each time you purchase. Manufacturers may have changed their equipment or product line and method since the last time purchased. Do NOT purchase items with the allergy and ingredient alert such as:

  • May contain peanut or tree nuts”
  • “Processed on shared equipment with peanuts or tree nuts”
  • “Manufactured in a plant with peanut or tree nuts”
  • “Contains peanut or tree nut Ingredients”



  • Austin: Zoo Animal Crackers
  • Nabisco: Cheese Nips, Teddy Grahams (Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip, Honey, Chocolate), Nila Wafers, Barnum Animal Cracker, Honey Maid Graham Cracker-Chocolate, Cinnamon, Honey Triscuits (plain), Wheat Thins, Premium Saltines (original), Better Cheddars, Ritz Crackers (not Ritz Bits),Ritz Chips (original, cheddar)
  • Meijer Brands: Starfish and Pals, Honey and Cinn Grahams, Wheat Crackers
  • Sunshine: Cheez-its, Big Cheez-Its
  • Keebler: Vanilla Wafers (golden, mini), Elf Grahams (honey, cinnamon), Scooby Doo Graham Crackers, Wheatables (original, honey wheat), Wheat thins
  • Pepperidge Farm: Goldfish Crackers (original, colors, cheddar, pretzel, giant, flavor blasted
  • PopcornPop Secret, Act 11, Jolly Time, Orville Redenbacher

Cookies: Nabisco Oreo (blue pack only), Nabisco Oreo Golden (yellow package), Rice Crispy Treats (pre packaged), Enjoy Life (all flavors), For Will Cookies (allergen free), Loora Doones, Keebler Vanilla or Rainbow Wafer

Candy/Sweets: Skittles (by Mars, Inc), Starburst (by Mars, Inc.), Tootsie Rolls

Tootsie Pops, Smarties (by CE DE Candy), Mike and Ike (by Just Born), Twizzlers (by Hershey), Laffy Taffy (by Nestle), Life Saver Gummies (by Kraft), Dum Dum suckers, Air Heads, Hershey Kisses (milk chocolate only), Dove silky smooth promises (milk chocolate kind only), Junior Mints, Yummy Earth Org. Lollipops, Kraft Marshmallow, Pillsbury Frosting (vanilla) blue container

Cold Treats: Icee-Squeeze up tubes. Flavor Ice tubes, Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade