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Non-Edible Birthday Treats

In alignment with our district wellness policy and in support of our increased number of students with life-threatening allergies, all LPS elementary schools celebrate student birthdays without edible treats.

You are still welcome to bring non-food items to celebrate your student’s birthday. Here are some suggestions of non-food items.

Party favors (bouncy balls, matchbox cars, erasers, tops, magnifying glasses, notepads, balloons, whistles, bubbles, etc.).

Come into the classroom and read a book to the class.

Donate a Birthday Book to the Library.

Buy something for the classroom (books, games, etc).

Decorate a box and send it into the classroom. Also send index cards or smaller pieces of paper. Have the teacher ask each child to use one sentence to write something nice about the birthday student and put it into the box.

Send in supplies and directions for a craft for the kids to do instead of eating a snack.

Arrange for the kids to play a game instead of eating a snack.

Ask the teacher if you can have a show and tell time for your child on their birthday.