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Makers Space

Wildcats Makerspace

Over the summer, we transformed Room 9 into a school-wide Makerspace! What is a Makerspace? In simple terms, a Makerspace is a dedicated resource area for creativity and innovation to thrive! Makerspaces provide people with a place to tinker, explore, craft, and teach others to make and build, too. Within our Makerspace, students will have the freedom to design, engineer, fabricate, create, build and collaborate on projects of their choice. 

Currently, our Makerspace has 8 different stations, including Lego walls, Play Doh/Game Making, Sewing & Handicrafts, Technology & Coding, a Take-Apart Workbench, Magnetic Walls, Crafting & Creating, Recyclables & Beautiful Junk, and a Rigamajig/Blocks & Building center.


We are thrilled to expand and provide a new Makerspace for our students, but in order to have a space that meets their needs, but will need to replenish crafting and take-apart supplies throughout the year. These items do not have to be brand new but we do ask that they are still in safe, clean, and usable condition. Please feel welcome to send these in anytime with your child with a note indicating they are for the school's Makerspace.
Examples of Acceptable Items: 
Beads, buttons and craft supplies
Boxes (shoe, cereal, etc.) 
Bubble wrap 
Building blocks 
Containers/canisters/jugs/foam trays (CLEAN) 
Film canisters 
Game parts 
Miscellaneous paper (magazines, newspaper, kraft, etc.) 
Toilet paper and paper towel tubes 
Rubber bands
Springs, Nuts, Bolts, Washers 
Unacceptable Items: Batteries, Cords, GLASS, Medicine/prescription containers, Packing peanuts, Soda pop cans
We have found that some of the best Acceptable Items for Take-Apart include: • CD Players • Corded Telephones • DVD Players • Tape Players • VCRs • Wind-up Clocks • Alarm Clocks • Blu-Ray® players • Boom Boxes • Bread Machines • Calculators • Candy Dispensers • Cash Registers • Computer Keyboards • Child’s Powered Ride-on Cars • Coffee Machines • Fans • Karaoke Machines • Label Makers • Piano keyboards • Record players • Typewriters • Sewing Machines (no needles) • Self-Rewinding VHS Machines • Soundboards • Stereo Speakers • Radios 
Unacceptable Items for Take-Apart: • Cameras • Cell Phones • Irons • Laptop Computers • Microwaves • Monitors • Printers • Rotary Phones • Televisions • Toasters • Vacuums • Video Game Consoles