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LPS Retiring Class of 2021 Announced

As the 2020-2021 school year officially begins to draw to a close, Liberty Public Schools has announced the Retiring Class of 2021.

Unfortunately, the annual Retirement Program/Reception in 2020 was forced to be held in a fully virtual format.  As COVID-19 restrictions have been reduced in recent months, LPS is excited that we will be able to host an in-person event to honor all retirees choosing to attend. The program will begin at 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 20, 2021, at the Liberty High School Performing Arts Theater.  Due to continued restrictions on indoor capacities, attendance will be limited, with staff, families, and community members encouraged to watch the event live on the Liberty Public Schools YouTube channel.

"I cannot express how excited we are to be able to recognize and thank our retirees for their loyal service to Liberty Public Schools," said LPS Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Tucker.  "This will be our first District-level in-person event held since prior to the pandemic, and we can't think of a better event to be able to celebrate these amazing individuals."

Listed below, are the names of the Liberty Public Schools Retiring Class of 2021.  Please note that an asterisk (*) next to the name denotes that they plan to attend the in-person event on May 20.  All of our retirees will also be recognized with inclusion in special video segments later in May.

Kathy Workman - Food Service Manager - Alexander Doniphan Elementary

Martie Phillips - Building Dispatcher - EPiC Elementary

Becky Starnes - Counselor - EPiC Elementary

Lori Butler - Art Teacher - Franklin Elementary

Gail Potter - Custodian - Kellybrook Elementary

*Michele Kernell - 2nd Grade Teacher - Lewis and Clark Elementary

Fran Huebner - Paraprofessional (Special Education) - Manor Hill Elementary

Lisa Young - Special Education Teacher - Manor Hill Elementary 

Gretchen Klinefelter - 1st Grade Teacher - Ridgeview Elementary

Carol Luckow - Food Service Manager - Ridgeview Elementary

Pam Herl - Administrative Assistant - Warren Hills Elementary

*Bobbi Chamberlain - 6th Grade Math Teacher - Discovery Middle School

*Bill Scott - Counselor - Discovery Middle School 

*Michelle Brown - Counselor - Heritage Middle School

*Scott Carr - Principal - Heritage Middle School

Jeff Burnham - Science Teacher - Liberty Middle School

Linda Gall - Paraprofessional (Severe Needs) - South Valley Middle School

Walter Gillespie - Custodian - South Valley Middle School

*Traci Keeler - 6th Grade Math Teacher - South Valley Middle School

Betty Santiago - Paraprofessional (Special Education) - South Valley Middle School

Cindy Biermann - German Teacher - Liberty High School

Kim Daugherty - Paraprofessional (Severe Needs) - Liberty High School

Don Johnson - Theater Teacher - Liberty High School

Nancy Laven - Registrar - Liberty High School

Donna Bootka - Bookkeeper - Liberty High School/Liberty North HS

*Eddie McDonald - Custodian - Liberty High School/Liberty North HS

*Laura Snead - French Teacher - Liberty High School/Liberty North HS

*Dennis Barrows - Custodian - Liberty North High School

*Mary Coogan - Science Teacher/Scholar Bowl Coach - Liberty North High School

*Jody Fowler - Family & Consumer Science Teacher - Liberty North High School

Angie Klein - Business Teacher - Liberty North High School

Susan Link - Math Teacher - Liberty North High School

Dolly Roberts - Custodian Supervisor - Liberty North High School

David Young - Theater Teacher - Liberty North High School

*Bill Brier - Maintenance (Locksmith) - Facilities Center

Paul Stutts - Technician - Grounds Department

*Larry Breit - District Courier - Warehouse 

Debra Caudill - Administrative Assistant - Nutrition Services

Von Gulliford - Director - Nutrition Services

*Laura Preston - Assistant Director - Transportation

Susan St. Ama - Administrative Assistant - Nutrition Services