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LPS Receives Regional Distinction

At the regular Liberty Public Schools Board of Education meeting Tuesday, January 21, 2020, LPS was recognized as the recipient of the 2019 Values Driven Award of Excellence by Cognia.

Regional Director of Cognia, Dr. Lori Franke-Hopkins, was in attendance to present the award to the Board and Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Tucker.  She presented the criteria for the award, sharing that Cognia is a mission-driven organization supported by their core values.  The Values Driven Award of Excellence recognizes institutions in the Midwest who systematically model these values through their day-to-day efforts to improve outcomes for their students.  These values include:

  • Dream Big.  We are not constrained by the current environment or framework even as we work within existing systems.
  • Stand for the Learner.  We represent the interests of all learners with a commitment to equity and integrity.
  • Be Bold and Daring.  We take risks that support our beliefs.
  • Drive Potential.  We create and initiate change, growth, and innovation in our work, but also among each other.  We embrace the individuality we bring and strive for excellence as a team.
  • Be Tenacious.  We are relentless in pursuing our mission.
  • Build Connections.  We expand and nurture our internal and external relationships.

"LPS embraces innovation and risk-taking from the school perspective, staff perspective, and student perspective," Hopkins said.  "The instructional staff is allowed to 'dream big' in their approach to meeting their students' need to succeed while they forge quality relationships."

Cognia is a non-profit, continuous improvement organization that conducts rigorous, on-site reviews of a variety of educational institutions and provides resources, tools, and support to education leaders across the globe to ensure all learners realize their full potential.  Nominations for this award were received from a variety of sources including volunteers, Engagement Review team members, Lead Evaluators, Field Consultants, Cognia Advisory Committee members, and staff.

"Similar to other accolades we receive, this is simply a testament to the hard work put in by our staff, our students, our families, and our community," said LPS Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Tucker.  "Without this incredible support, these accomplishments would not be possible."

Parents and interested community members can learn more about Cognia at