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LPS Announces Support Employee of the Year Nominees

Liberty Public Schools officially recognized the 2020 Support Employee of the Year nominees at the annual recognition luncheon held Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

A total of twenty-one nominees were recognized that came from elementary schools, secondary schools, the Support Services Center, the Facilities Center, the District Administration Center, and the Early Childhood Center.

Below you will find the listing of this years nominees.  We thank each of them for their contributions and service to LPS, and congratulate them on this well-deserved recognition!

Cheryl Taber - Early Childhood Center - Early Childhood Para

Jordan Poskey - Alexander Doniphan Elem. - SPED Para

Rachel Hamann - EPiC Elementary - Library Paraprofessional

Tammy Peterson - Franklin Elementary - Office Assistant

Dotty Closser - Kellybrook Elementary - Focus Room Instructor

Sarah Gamet - Lewis and Clark Elementary - SPED Para

Michelle McMullen - Liberty Oaks Elem. - Rec./Focus Room Teacher

Samantha Whitaker - Lillian Schumacher Elementary - Office Paraprofessional

Nikki Arnold - Manor Hill Elementary - Office Paraprofessional

Martina Ruiz - Ridgeview Elementary - Office Paraprofessional

Josie Kirk - Shoal Creek Elementary - SC Kid's Zone Manager

Matthew Krohne - Warren Hills Elementary - Assistant Principal

Melody Myer - Discovery Middle School - Library Media Specialist

Kathy Brammer - Heritage Middle School - Severe Needs Paraprofessional

Lisa Fornelli - Liberty Middle School - Counseling Secretary

Lisa Kroge - South Valley Middle School - Attendance Secretary

Sheri Rogers - Liberty High School - Internal Security Officer

Rolo Aguilera - Liberty North High School - Administrative - Technology Specialist

Nicki Trester - District Administration Center - Admistrator Assistant

Craig Stevens - Facility Center - Plumber

Debbie Caudill - Support Services - Administrative Assistant - Nutrition Services