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The grant for this year is $3500.00 for Aeroponics- Growing a class garden out of thin air. 
The study of aeroponics  and hydroponics have become very important in our world as we focus on local gardening, healthy choices, and even Mars colonization. Aeroponic towers give students a hands-on opportunity to grow their own food in an innovative way few get to experience. Aeroponics is a space age technique that allows plants to be grown without soil in a vertical tower. Each tower aerates and pumps water up the tower to disperse nutrients and gases needed for healthy plant growth. Students will learn about the technology involved and conduct various experiments to create the most efficient processes. Plants grown using aeroponics grow 20% faster than plants in soil so students will see theirs grow before their eyes.
     Each tower is mobile and can be moved from classroom to classroom to be shared by all science classes. Each grade level has specific learning objectives that relate directly to topics such as botany, ecology, and technology that impacts society. The aeroponic towers would allow students to take these objectives and bring them to life through their own self-directed experimentation. There is nothing more engaging in learning than to create something unique yourself!