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LPS Announces Excellence in Education Nominees

Each spring, the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce hosts its annual Excellence in Education Banquet to celebrate education in the Northland.  To participate, Liberty Public Schools recognizes a nominee from each of our schools throughout the District.  Categories eligible include Excellence in Service to Education and Excellence in Classroom Teaching.  This year, for the first, LPS allowed families to nominate our staff for these awards.  Over 400 nominations were received.  Following, are the nominees for each school.

Excellence in Service to Education
Early Childhood Center - Linnea Caauwe (Paraprofessional)
Alexander Doniphan Elementary - Bridget Lester (School Nurse)
EPiC Elementary - Amy Love (School Nurse)
Franklin Elementary - Teresa Beatty (Library Assistant)
Kellybrook Elementary - Martha (Marti) Griffin (Custodian)
Lewis and Clark Elementary - Dwayne Irvin (Head Custodian)
Liberty Oaks Elementary - Brad Citro (Head Custodian)
Lillian Schumacher Elementary - Hattie Cummings (Administrative Assistant)
Manor Hill Elementary - Gayle Mallicoat (Essential Skills Classroom Paraprofessional)
Ridgeview Elementary - Casey Dickerson (Lead Custodian)
Shoal Creek Elementary - Chris Heindel (Lead Custodian)
Warren Hills Elementary - Rosie Smith (School Nurse)
Discovery Middle School - Traci Manis (School Nurse)
Heritage Middle School - Vera Holiman (Cafe Director)
Liberty Middle School - Kathy Wright (School Nurse)
South Valley Middle School - Shana Day (School Nurse)
Liberty High School - Karla Hausman (School Nurse)
Liberty North High School - Terri Carlisle (Building Dispatcher)
Liberty Academy - Andrea Johnson (Social Worker)
Liberty Virtual School - Dawn Waters (Administrative Assistant)

Excellence in Classroom Teaching 
Early Childhood Center - Alicia Mitchell (Special Education Teacher)
Alexander Doniphan Elementary - Lindsey Buhlig (1st Grade Teacher)
EPiC Elementary - Miranda Miles (1st Grade Teacher)
Franklin Elementary - Fran Rathjen (1st Grade Teacher)
Kellybrook Elementary - Allison Vochatzer (Kindergarten Teacher)
Lewis and Clark Elementary - Marcy Sheeley (Kindergarten Teacher)
Liberty Oaks Elementary - Luda Bell (2nd Grade Teacher)
Lillian Schumacher Elementary - Emily Callahan (2nd Grade Teacher)
Manor Hill Elementary - Heather Kirk (1st/2nd Grade Teacher)
Ridgeview Elementary - Sarah Green (3rd Grade Teacher)
Shoal Creek Elementary - Jennifer Armstrong (Special Education Teacher)
Warren Hills Elementary - Megan Saffell (2nd Grade Teacher)
Discovery Middle School - Bill Scott (Counselor)
Heritage Middle School - Alyssa Springer (English Language Arts Teacher)
Liberty Middle School - Melissa (Missy) Moore (7th/8th Grade Math Teacher)
South Valley Middle School - Darla Fuller (Speech/Drama Teacher)
Liberty High School - Cynthia (Cindy) Biermann (German Teacher)
Liberty North High School - Roselynn Zicarelli (North Nation by Design ELA Teacher)
Liberty Academy - Lisa Augustine (Missouri Options Teacher)
Liberty Virtual School - Maria Grantham (Virtual Teacher)