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Cindy Pipes is LPS Support Employee of the Year!

It was an exciting morning at South Valley Middle School on Wednesday, Cindy Pipes April 17, 2019, as Liberty Public Schools announced its 2019-2020 Support Employee of the Year.  This year's distinction belongs to longtime LPS custodian Ms. Cindy Pipes.
Ms. Pipes has served Liberty Public Schools for 18 years.  She has been at South Valley Middle School since the building opened 15 years ago.  During this span, she has become a staple at the building and gained incredible admiration from her colleagues, families, and students alike.
"The myriad of tasks she completes in a day is astonishing," said SVMS Assistant Principal Whitney Weakley.  "Any call to her on the radio is met with a cheerful, "Hello", and an equally cheerful, "Yes, I will be right there."
Ms. Pipes might be best known at South Valley by her presence in and around the lunch room.  It is here where she not only keeps the space impeccably clean, but builds remarkable relationships with the students.
"If there is ever a student that looks sad or sits by themselves at lunch, she will always seek me out so that I can intercede," said SVMS Teacher Darla Fuller.  "Cindy models serving others and compassion every day to our students.  I cannot think of better traits for students to emulate".
Now in its ninth year of existence, the LPS Support Employee of the Year program was put in place to recognize all district support staff for serving our students and families at the highest of levels.
"Today is not only a day to celebrate Cindy, but it is a day to celebrate and thank all of our support staff in LPS who contribute to the overall success of our school system," said LPS Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Tucker.  "With that being said, Cindy is the epitome of what this award is all about.  Anyone you talk to at South Valley will tell you that she is so deserving of this recognition, and we congratulate her."