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Food For Thought- Donations for student meals

School Meal Fund Donations - Food for Thought!

Want to make a difference for the students in the Liberty Public Schools community? Donate to the LPS Nutrition Services Food For Thought Fund!  The LPS Nutrition Services team serve more than 8,000 meals a day across the district.  

Many of our students’ parents struggle to pay for lunches, but may not qualify for free and reduced priced meals. Have you ever been so hungry you couldn't think?   It costs about $50 a month to feed a child lunch. What a give to feed a hungry child in our community!

As a district, we are committed to ensuring all of our students receive a nutritious lunch every day to help them stay healthy and focused on learning. Money donated to the LPS Food For Thought Fund will help pay off outstanding balances on students’ lunch accounts and allow Nutrition Services to continue to feed all students every day. Thank you for your generous support of our students!

If you would like your donation designated to a specific school or student please let us know! If your child will be graduating or leaving the District, families can also opt to donate the balance to the Food for Thought program.

If you would like to donate, please contact  

Susan St. Ama