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MSHSAA 2019 State Awards

Congratulations to the following LPS students for their achievements at MSHSAA State Contest:



Weston Brown & Jacob Kane (LHS) - Public Forum
Margaret Quinn & Lukas Hudson (LHS) - Duo Interp
Liberty High School Debate Team Sweepstakes
Liberty High School Reader's Theater
Mackenzie Greenwood (LHS) - Best Actress
Lily Weaver (LNHS) - Best Supporting Actress

Speech Team Combined Events - 2nd Place. 
One Act Play (All My Sons) - 4th Place
Grace Johannes- 2nd place in Lincoln Douglas Debate 
Charlotte Brookins & Izzie Bates - 3rd place in Duet Acting
Abigail Maloney- 3rd place in Lincoln Douglas Debate
Weston Brown- 3rd place in Dramatic Interp 
Abigail Schulte- 4th place in International Extemp

Debate Team Sweepstakes - 2nd Place
One Act Play (Quilters) - 3rd place
Sadik Mohamed & Selma Khalil - 3rd place in Policy Debate
Garrett Lampert - 3rd place in Original Oratory


MSHSAA MUSIC FESTIVAL - April 26 - 27, 2019

Liberty High School Band

Gold Medals:

Catherine Duncan, Tuba Solo

Grant Owen, Marimba Solo

Percussion Quartet - Alan Shipman, Olivia Centa, Clay Ewbank, Jacob Fullinwider

Brass Sextet - Morgan Pohle, Harrison Hewitt, Evan Moody, Laura Kallenbach, Collin Parker, Nate Saluri

Katie Martin, Bassoon Solo

Alec Centa, Snare Solo

Abbie Bavuso, Clarinet Solo

Bassoon Quartet - Katie Martin, Katie Moretina, Sarah Keenan, Ian Dickerson

Charlie Cope-Morris, Timpani Solo

Brass Quintet - Cole Bower, Daniel Jump, Jack Wheelhouse, Henry Witt, Benjamin Duncan

Abby Geier, Alto Saxophone Solo

Jillian Arnold, Tuba Solo


Silver Medals:

Cassidy Meyer, Flute Solo

Clarinet Trio - Aaron Rearick, Avry Asby, Aubrey Peterson

Jenna Phelan, Flute Solo

Flute Quartet - Jenna Phelan, Aubrianna McKee, Cassidy Meyer, Kayla Jump

Benjamin Duncan, Tuba Solo

Cole Bower, Piano Solo

Mark Chiselita, Tuba Solo

Katie Moretina, Bassoon Solo

Alan Shipman, Marimba Solo

Kayla Jump, Flute Solo

David Emerson, Trumpet Solo


Bronze Medals:

Daniel Jump, Trumpet Solo

Sydni Meyer, Alto Saxophone Solo

Trumpet Quartet - Alexander Morales, Wyatt Craven, Cole Bower, Daniel Jump



Liberty North High School Choir

Thadeus Acha:  Gold Medals-Solo and two ensembles

Jacob Aldridge:  Silver Medal - Solo

Will Angel:  Silver Medal - Ensemble

Ashley Bain:  Gold Medal - Ensemble

Autumn Bammes:  Gold Medal - Ensemble, Silver Medal Ensemble

Ade Barber - Bronze Medal -Ensemble

Georgia Barge - Gold Medals - Solo and Ensemble

Nik Baumert - Gold Medal - Ensemble, Silver Medals - Solo and Ensemble

Grace Bellman - Bronze Medal - Ensemble

Sophia Bolin - Silver Medal - Ensemble

Max Brown - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Makenna Bruns - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Veronica Buckner - Silver Medal - Ensemble

Brayden Burton - Silver Medal - Ensemble

Caroline Casel - Silver Medal- Ensemble

Kaylin Clancy - Silver Medal - Ensemble

Gabe Conover - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Allison Cox - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Ryan Decamp - Gold Medals - two Ensembles

Ainsley Dillon - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Haydn Finlinson - Gold Medals - two Ensembles

Miranda Frankenbach - Gold Medals - two Ensembles, Silver Medal - Solo

Olivia Garcia - Gold Medals - two Ensembles

Sydney Garlock - Bronze Medal - Ensemble

Elaina Gorton - Silver Medal - Solo

Jake Hagen - Gold Medals - Solo and Ensemble, Silver Medal - Ensemble

Ayriana Haney - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Skyla Henning - Bronze Medal - Ensemble

Tommy Herron - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Bethany Holst - Bronze Medal - Ensemble

Jaden Klug - Gold Medal - Ensemble, Silver Medal - Ensemble

Mary Lehnardt - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Cole Lemasters - Silver Medal - Ensemble

Katherine Mackenzie - Gold Medal - Solo, Silver Medal Ensemble

Heath Moravec - Silver Medal - Ensemble

Sydney Noble - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Emily Pearson - Gold Medals - Solo and two Ensembles

Aubrey Petty - Gold Medal - Ensemble, Silver Medal - Solo

Bryleigh Powell - Bronze Medal - Ensemble

Braden Presser - Gold Medals - two Ensembles, Silver Medal - Solo

Isaiah Roberts - Silver Medal - Ensemble

Remi Robinett - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Keirsten Schmalz - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Belle Schroeder - Silver Medals - Solo and Ensemble

Michael Schwalm - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Trey Sharp - Silver Medal - Solo

Chayce Snitker - Gold Medals - Solo and Ensemble

Jazlynn Summers - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Allison Swearingin - Silver Medal - Ensemble

Kayln Taylor - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Lily Weaver - Gold Medals - Solo and Ensemble

Grace Westfall - Gold Medal - Solo

Simon Whitsitt - Gold Medals - Solo and Two Ensemble

Kamren Williamson - Gold Medals - two Ensembles, Silver Medal - Solo

Sam Wirt - Gold Medal - Ensemble

Ava Wolesky - Gold Medals - Solo and Ensemble

Gabby Zink - Gold Medal - Ensemble


Liberty North High School Band


Gold Medals:

Michael Fuller – snare drum

Micah Parsons – snare drum

Kiersten Glass – trumpet

Delani Seymour – flute

Olivia Garcia – flute

Mitchell Sidden - clarinet

Abby Reinhart - clarinet

Cooper Smith – alto sax

Jackson Krop – tenor sax

Aaron Stockmann – tuba

Percussion Ensemble: Michael Fuller, Levi Anderson, Monica Rosa, Payton Dollins, Micah Parsons, Kierin Perry, Samantha Medley, Madeleine Sevier

Clarinet Quartet: Mitchell Sidden, Abby Reinhart, Claire Buchmann, Makenna Pipes

Saxophone Quartet: Cooper Smith, Felix Labrador, Jackson Krop, Wyatt Eickmann

Brass Quintet: Carson Krop, Alec Walls, Harrison Heutinck, Jacob Rains, Aaron Stockmann


Silver Medals:

Austin Burnett – trombone

Levi Anderson – marimba

Monica Rosa – snare drum

Samantha Medley – marimba

Claire Buchmann – clarinet

Carson Krop – trumpet

Jacob Rains – trombone

Tim Fuller – multiple percussion

Caleb Reibenstein – alto sax

Jackson Amberg – tenor sax

Aiyana Wooten - clarinet

Trombone Quartet:  Austin Burnett, Alex Murray, Claire Mason, Wil Bindel

Trumpet Trio: Kiersten Glass, Leah DeGarmo, Isabel Zimmerman

Flute Quartet: Delani Seymour, Olivia Garcia, Emilia Jefferson, Sarah Kane


Bronze Medal:

Madeline Prom-trumpet