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KC Metro Area - Greater Missouri Art Region Scholastic Awards

The 2019 Kansas City Metro Area and Greater Missouri Art Region Scholastic awards were released 1/30/19 and LPS students fared very well.  Scholastic received 1,600 entries from the KC metro area.  Of those selected 124 Gold Keys, 150 Silver Keys, and 205 Honorable Mentions were awarded. 

Work receiving a Gold Key proceeds to the National Scholastic office to be judged with all of the other Gold Key work from all of the other regions of the country.

Additionally, Gold Key artwork will be part of a regional exhibition and their creators will be invited to a ceremony at the KCAI Crossroads Gallery: Center for Contemporary Practice on Saturday, March 23, 2019. 

Receiving any award from this organization among all of the work submitted is a considerable achievement.

To view artwork from Liberty North High School, please click HERE