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Engage Communities

Learning becomes REAL when students take their learning 

BEYOND the classroom walls and into the COMMUNITY. 

EPiC students learn in an environment that thrives on collaboration both within the classroom, across grade levels, and with the greater community through experts, partnerships and community-based projects. Learners engage in the cultural, historic and civic amenities of Liberty and the greater KC area to deepen and extend their learning, providing purposeful experiences and focused reflection to discover knowledge, embrace skills and integrate values into their lives.


Service Learning In Community: Learners may better understand themselves as active citizens as they explore and develop ways to contribute to their communities. They may develop self-confidence and an enhanced commitment to serving others.


  • Fifth grade launched a hunger awareness campaign culminating in an Empty Bowls event where they shared their learning, hosted a silent auction and soup dinner, and raised over $2,500 for two local organizations who help the hungry in Clay County.


Community as Resource: Learners explore their world around them and inquire about different topics and interests as it relates to authentic learning. It also gives learners access to the world beyond the classroom to learn relevance and usefulness of content both in and out of school. Learners gain experience working with experts in the community. They develop a sense of self-efficacy as they pursue interests, work with experts, and experience work in the real world.


  • Second grade worked with butterfly experts and local businesses to transform a dilapidated district memorial garden into a flourishing butterfly garden.  


Community as Partners: A more action-based approach, learners partner with local businesses and act as freelancers, with the goal of framing a problem or opportunity, collecting data and research, providing and creating solutions, and possibly implementing ideas. Transferrable skills such as information literacy, collaboration, and communication, along with real life partnerships and real life work are deeply embedded in customized significant content.


  • Fourth grade pitched possible business ideas for an empty building on Liberty Square.