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LPS Class of 2019-2020 Retiring Class Announced

Due to restrictions on mass gatherings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Liberty Public Schools was unable to host the annual LPS Retiring Staff Tea/Reception on Thursday, May 14, 2020.  

With nearly 40 members of this year's retiring staff, and hundreds of years of service accumulated by these individuals, we wanted to provide you with the listing of this year's class.  We cannot thank them enough for their dedicated service to us!

In addition, many from this year's class are being featured on our social media platforms.  If you would like to view these segments, we would encourage you to visit our Facebook page, which may be accessed by clicking here.

LPS Retiring Class of 2019-2020
Marcia Babbitt - Support Services - Warehouse and Purchasing
Cathy Bailey - Liberty High School - Special Education
Vickie Boggs - Lillian Schumacher Elementary - Art Teacher
Leanne Brattrud - Early Childhood Center - Parent Educator
Kim Brown - Lewis and Clark - 1st Grade Teacher
Dennis Bunch - Liberty North High School - Special Education Teacher
Donald Davis - Transportation - Driver
Brenda Drummond - Shoal Creek Elementary - Library Paraprofessional
Marianne Fazzino - Heritage Middle School - Social Studies
Kim Flanagan - Lewis and Clark Elementary - Counselor
Christine Gregoire - Liberty Middle School - Theater Teacher
Toni Heuer - District Administration Center - Business Office
Nancy Hillebrand - Support Services - Director of School-Age Care
Terrill Hudlemeyer - Facilities Center - Maintenance Manager
Marion Hunerdosse - Support Services - Transportation
Elaine Jackson - Support Services - Transportation
Sally Jahrling - Warren Hills Elementary - Nurse
Kathleen Jarrett - Early Childhood Center - Library Paraprofessional
Bob Kernell - Liberty North High School - Athletic Director
Teresa Kindiger - Shoal Creek - Kindergarten Teacher
Julie Kuhnhenn - Early Childhood Center - Special Needs Paraprofessional
Jeff Lean - Liberty Middle School - Band Director
Kristin Lean - Lillian Schumacher - 4th Grade Teacher
Cathi Marty-Scott - Ridgeview/Franklin/Lewis and Clark - Social Worker
Dana Norton - Lewis and Clark - Kindergarten Teacher
Carol O'Hanlon - Support Services - Transportation Driver
Beth Oyler - Lewis and Clark Elementary - 1st Grade Teacher
Lori Oyler - Liberty High School - English Teacher
Cindy Phillips - Early Childhood Center - Early Childhood Teacher
Sandy Ragan - Liberty High School - Math Teacher
Sarah Rembecki - Shoal Creek Elementary - Kindergarten Teacher
Ronda Ruckman - Early Childhood Center - Early Childhood Teacher
Sally Rush - Heritage Middle School - Special Education Teacher
Stephen Schmitt - Support Services - Nutrition
Debra Slaughter - Liberty Oaks - Principal
Kimberly Stewart - EPiC Elementary - Speech Language Pathologist
Debbie Vineyard - District Administration Center - Business Office