Check out SchoolCafe!

We welcome and encourage all students to eat breakfast and lunch with us each day.  All of our menus are available at

Images of our foods, nutrition facts and fun ways to build a tray can be found there.  (The tray selected online will not be served to the student, it is an example of what can be selected.)

School Meals will return to normal pricing on June 6, 2022.   

A full-priced breakfast will be $1.60 for K-5th grade and  $1.65 for 6th-12th graders.

A full-priced lunch will be $2.55 for K-5th grade and $2.85 for 6th- 12th graders.

Families who qualify for discounts based on income must complete an application for free or reduced priced meals

The reduced priced breakfast is $.30. The reduced-priced lunch is $.40.


Making Payments for School Meals and Ala Carte Purchases

Payment options include:

  • Create a student account on SchoolCafe and make payments online with a credit or debit card.  Please note, SchoolCafe will charge an additional 5% service fee for all payments. 
  • Check and cash deposits are also accepted at your student's school. 
  • LPS Nutrition has a 24 hour contactless drop box for payments located at 801 Kent in Liberty.  Checks and cash in envelopes can be dropped off in this secure drop box. 
  • Setting LPS Nutrition up as a biller on your personal banking account bill pay service.  Use the information at the top of the page for this process.  Use your student name(s) as the account number.