The Sonic Challenge in Algebra 2 PLP

Posted by Tara Harvey on 1/9/2023 8:30:00 AM

Guest Blogger: Sara Langford

Who hasn’t been going about his/her day when a sudden urge for an icy, refreshing Sonic drink hits? A cherry limeade, a blue raspberry slush or a vanilla coke…sounds so good.  



Just before Thanksgiving break in the Algebra 2 PLP course, the teachers offered the Sonic Challenge to all 135 students…meet a goal of mastering the most concepts in a week with tablemates and/or meet a personal math learning goal to get that desired Sonic drink as a special reward.


Liberty North offers a unique version of math courses titled “PLP.” PLP stands for personalized learning plan courses in Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 that allow students to learn at their own pace utilizing online sources and to master the math concepts of the course. From day one in math PLP classes, students take charge of their learning and its pace to understand math concepts, complete practice assignments and quizzes to show what they know!


Over ⅓ of the 135 Algebra 2 PLP students set and met a personal or table group goal.  Chloe Boulter set and met the ambitious goal of mastering four difficult polynomial and radical expression concepts.  She set her ambitious goal to prove to herself that, “...I could work well under pressure without having to be forced to do it. I also wanted to get my love for math back.”