Harvard Thinking Routines at Work!

Posted by Tara Harvey on 2/21/2023 11:00:00 AM

Structuring classroom discussions increases participation and outcomes. The pictures below illustrate Megan Montgomery's ELA students engaging in the +1 protocol. 


The structure included brainstorming a list of key ideas that you recall from the book, their analysis, and/or their previous discussions. Next, students shared their thoughts with each other and added to each other's lists. 

Students were asked to add one of the following to the list:

  • An elaboration on one item on the list
  • A new point that you think is missing from the list
  • Draw and explain a connection between two items on the list.

Montgomery's students were implementing the Harvard Thinking Routine:  Synthesizing & Organizing Ideas

“Routines that help students find coherence, draw conclusions, and distill the essence of topics or experiences.”