LNHS Photo of the Week

Posted by Tara Harvey on 3/8/2023 3:00:00 PM

The New York Times has a weekly critical thinking challenge for students called What’s Going on in this Picture. Photography teachers Melissa McCullough and Wendy Sohm have taken it to another level by highlighting the top element of composition in the photograph and then asking students to create their own photographs with the element as a focus. 



Teacher Reflection:

Each week we challenge students with a POW (Photo of the Week). There is a new theme each week along with a composition rule to use. Students are asked to take these photos on their own time off of campus. Some combinations of themes & rules are pretty challenging! We then vote for the BEST photo of each class and that student gets a sticker for being voted the best.  Below are a few examples of various themes we’ve had this semester. It’s been fun to see what each student photographs.

Student Work: 

THEME: Details
COMPOSITION RULE: Fill in the Frame

THEME: Curves