Ms. Linda Klein

Ms. Linda M. Klein is thrilled to be a part of LPS since 2005! She first started at Shoal Creek Elementary (with so many EPiC staff members), then taught at South Valley MS, so she knows exactly what skills you'll need as you grow in that direction. And now she is home again at EPiC with her coworkers who feel like family! 

Before she moved to Liberty, she taught in Iowa, California, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, and Missouri. She has worked with learners from ages five to adult, and her mom and stepdad taught at the college level. So she was born to share her love of learning.

 She attended Iowa State University, Mesa Community College, and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. She earned her Master's of Education degree from Baker University in 2008~ twenty years later. It's never too late! 

When not in the classroom, she loves to practice hot yoga, read books that make her think and laugh, cheer for the Dallas Cowboys~ and our own Super Bowl LIV winning KC Chiefs, YouTube how to repair her car, spend time with her family and friends, and bake holiday cakes that leave them begging for more. She'd be in the warm sun and water every day if she could. She has two adult children whom she loves to hang out with and who make her super proud!
She knows that there is nothing better than when a child finds her/his passion and is empowered to follow it! And she knows what a privilege it is to be there to help.